Everything I Wanted but Nothing I'll Ever Need

Harry Styles & his boyfriend Louis move to London from Cheshire in hopes of meeting new people who were like them. Vampires. They meet Zayn, Niall, & Liam who are vampires as well. Everything was perfect. Or was it? All five boys run into a few hardships & make decisions that will change their undead lives.

*If you don't ship Larry or any others as boyfriends & have a problem, please don't read. I don't want to see any comments saying they're not gay or anything like that. xx*


3. Exploring London

Louis' POV

I wake up in the morning to the sound of dogs barking in the distance. With vampire ears something as simple as barking can wake me. I look over at Harry, his bum visible being he's only covered by half of the blanket. Last nights event comes to mind & I smile. I jump out of bed & run to the bathroom to take a shower & get ready for today. We've got the whole day ahead of us. Go see the Big Ben, the London Eye, stuff our faces with food at fast food restaurants which we probably shouldn't do but it's food. Hopefully meet some people like us. People who share the same interests. I'm disrupted from my thoughts when I feel Harry's arms wrap around my waste from behind. "Morning, love." "Good morning. Ready for today?" I turn around to face him, he's smiling. "Of course. It'll be so much fun." We finish our shower, get dressed, & eat breakfast. "Shall we walk around the city today?" Harry asks me. "Yeah I'd actually like that." We walk into the heart of London because it wasn't far. We see that there's a vampire pub. Fuck yeah. "C'mon, I already know what you're thinking. We haven't had blood in a couple days." We run past humans who are just standing about. We walk in the pub & the smell of blood is amazing. "I'm going to the bar, join me?" Harry's staring at all types of games that are in here. Dart boards, pool tables, mini golf. I love how blood is used in all of them. "What?- oh yeah, yeah." We walk hand in hand to the bar & order a Bloody Mary that's actual blood & not alcohol. There's many humans in here but I see a little group of vampires. They see me to. Seconds later they're stood in front of Harry & I. "Hi," one says. "Hello," We all just stare at each other for a bit before a brunette speaks. "Um, so again hi. I'm Liam, this is Niall, & he's Zayn." "Hi, I'm Louis & this is Harry, my boyfriend. We just moved here" They all nod & smile. "It's nice to meet other vampires who aren't a bunch of twats." Niall says. "Yeah, the vampires here in London are stuck up & deserve a good punch." Zayn says staring at Harry. "Really? In Cheshire they're all nice. I guess being in the big city though so yea." We spend about an hour talking, drinking, playing darts, & just laughing. "So where did you guys move? Maybe you're around where we live." Liam asks. "Um, about 10 minutes in. On Graceland." Harry says answering Liam's question. Naills eyes light up, I'm guessing they live near or on Graceland. "Yea, Louis, we live on Graceland also." Niall says, he must be a mind reader. "Niall what have I told you about listening to people's thoughts? You could hear stuff you shouldn't. It could be something disturbing." Zayn says smacking Niall on the back of the head. "What the hell, Zayn!? It wasn't intentionally." We all laugh & it's nice to have met some friends. "Can we go to the Big Ben now?" Harry whines. "Sure. Care to join us guys?" They all look at each other & raise their eyebrows. "Yes. The best part about visiting the Big Ben is that you don't have to take the stairs." Liam says laughing. 


Two hours later & we've been in & on the Big Ben, rode the London Eye, & got massages. This has been a relaxing day. We've found out that Niall, Liam, & Zayn have all been dating for 200 years. Holy shit that sounds fun. I wonder what it's like sharing a house with three people & you're all dating. We all exchanged numbers & addresses before walking home. Harry & I wave goodbye to the other lads as they raced down the street to their house. "So..they're all boyfriends. Nice. Maybe we should all date & have orgies every now & then." "OH MY GOD, Harry! You're full of shit. We are not doing that." He starts cracking up & grabs my arm. "Oh, Jesus, I was kidding. We don't have to date we'll all just be fuck buddies." My eyes widen as I stare at him. "I'm kidding, Lou!" He laughs again. "I guess I do wonder what their sex is like...." "Probably great." We stare at each other wondering. "It'd be rude to ask, wouldn't it?" "I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we asked. It's probably fun to answer." He kisses my cheek & we decide to watch movies all night. 

~Zayn, Liam, & Niall's house~

Niall's POV


Meeting Harry & Louis was really fun. They seem like good people. Not too hard, not too soft. It was nice. I look over at Zayn & Liam who are lying on the sofa wrapped around each other. "Guys, I'm bored." They sit up, still wrapped around one another. "So am I. Want do you wanna do, Ni?" Liam asks me. "D'know..I doubt Harry & Louis are asleep. Want to go over there?" Zayn jumps up from the sofa grabbing his phone. "I'll call Louis," he says. After Zayn called Louis & he didn't answer he called Harry, he didn't answer either. "We could just go over there?" "No, they could be busy...doing stuff." Liam says smirking. "Nah, that was last night." Zayn said. We look at him questioningly. "I could tell. They're like us & that's what we did our first night here." "Oh yeah haha." We put our shoes on & race to the other end of the street. "The lights are on." I whisper as we walk up to the door. Rather than knocking I open the door to a mess of a living area. "God damn it, Harry. Give me the remote!" Louis laughs/yells at Harry who is pinned under him but squirming around so Louis can't grab the remote. "No!" Harry yells while sticking his tongue out. "You little shit." Louis says as his fangs come out. "AW! What the fuck. You bit me!?" "Yup, now give me the remote." Harry just smirks & holds the remote out from their reach. Louis reaches out to grab it & Harry pushes him off his stomach & runs upstairs. "Harry! Ughh." We're stood by the front door as the laughing & yelling for the remote continues upstairs. Minutes pass & Louis runs back downstairs with Harry tied up over his shoulder. "Cheeky little twat." He sets Harry down & Liam clears his throat. "Holy fuck, don't do that." Louis says to Liam while Liam laughs. "Looks like you two had fun wrestling for the remote..aha." "Oh, yea, Harry here wanted to watch Breaking Dawn but I refuse to watch that stereotypical vampire shit." Zayn, Liam, & I start laughing because the Twilight movies are stereotypical shit. We don't sparkle. "I've told him I don't like those films but he doesn't listen. That's why he's tied up & helpless now. He should have no problem though cause he's used to being in the submissive position." We all laugh but Harry glares at Louis. "Ugh! Harry! You bit me." Harry's eyebrows move up & down. "Payback for biting me. Plus, you talk a lot of shit. I didn't hear you saying anything about dominance when I was fucking you last night. If I remember correctly you said I need to top more?" Louis' cheeks turn red & Harry stands, untying himself & smacking Louis' bum. 


It's been a few hours & we've all watched films, eaten food we didn't need to, & wrestled a bit. Before 2 a.m. everyone was asleep but me. Liam, Zayn, Louis, & Harry all on the floor. I want the sofa. I turned off all the lights that were still on, turned off the tele, & lied down to sleep. I'm happy with how this whole day went & I fall asleep replaying it in my head. 


Ooohhh okayy chapter three! I had fun writing this chapter. Other than the fact the I had constant back pains -_- I ignored it though. So, good chapter? Like the fact that Liam, Zayn, & Niall are boyfriends? Idk I do :) chapter four will be up tomorrow. If anyone is paying any attention to this story & would like to give me suggestions for future chapters you can ^_^ & again if there are any mistakes I apologise. xx

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