i will always love you

Emmely is your average 18 years old girl. Her mother died of cancer 3 months ago so she lives with her dad. Her dad abuses her badly and she want to escape. But how? She wants someone she could trust and someone who loves her. Will she find someone like that?
Read to find out!


2. the escape

Why didn't my mother trust my dad? When I finished reading I was in tears. I went downstairs to grab some chocolade bars( I always eat chocolate when I'm upset). My dad was at the kitchen table. He stared to the other side of the room and said nothing until i was about to leave the kitchen again. He slapped me in the face. I was shocked. He slapped me again and picked me up and laid me on his bed. He kept slapping and kicking me.Then suddenly everything went black and I didn't feel anything.

*** three hours later***

I woke up and tried to remember why I was on my dads bed.Then I remembered everything, how he abused me. I thought of what my mother wrote me, and I decided to follow her advice. I'll escape.

I ran to my room and closed the door. I quickly packed some clothes, all my money, the book my mother gave me and my  Iphone in a sports bag. I picked a pair of comortable shoes out and put  them on. I sneeked downstairs and opened the door. My dad came out of the kitchen again. where do you think you're going? he screamed at me. Away from you!, I screamed back to him. I hate you!


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