i will always love you

Emmely is your average 18 years old girl. Her mother died of cancer 3 months ago so she lives with her dad. Her dad abuses her badly and she want to escape. But how? She wants someone she could trust and someone who loves her. Will she find someone like that?
Read to find out!


3. the escape 2

He grabbed something out of his pocket. I realised it was a scarp knife. At that moment I started to run. He followed me. I was very afraid. I ran into a small garden and hided me behind some bushes.I heard my dad running past me and I heard him swear. When I thougt the coast was clear I showed up again. 

I started thinking of where I'm going to go when I bumped into someone. I screamed and was about to run away when he grabbed my arm. Shh, he said with a beautiful brittish accent. I looked up and saw a beautiful young man with brown curls and emerald green eyes. And I froze instantly and started to cry.


Harry's P.O.V

I was texting to Liam that I'll come home in an hour when something bumped into me. I looked up and saw a beautiful girl with blue eyes and brown wavy hair in front of me. She screamed when she realised she has bumped into me. Shh, I said. She looked up and looked in my eyes. Suddenly she froze and she started to cry with her head on my chest. 


Emmely's P.O.V

I burried my head into his chest, but immediately took a step back. He looked at me and smiled. Hi, he said, My name's Harry, What's yours? I started to cry even more now. would you like to come with me, to my place?, he asked me. I nodded. come on, he said, he took my hand and walked with me to his place. Half way, I couldn't bear it anymore. I collapsed and lay on the street crying.

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