i will always love you

Emmely is your average 18 years old girl. Her mother died of cancer 3 months ago so she lives with her dad. Her dad abuses her badly and she want to escape. But how? She wants someone she could trust and someone who loves her. Will she find someone like that?
Read to find out!


1. my mother

Emmely's P.O.V

My mother is an incredible person. she's always happy and she's always loved me whatever I had done. But I've always known that one day she'll leave me. And that day is today. I knew it because she was always sick. She had an incurable type of cancer. She told me when I was 13 years old.

Before she died she gave me a packet and she told me not to open it until she has died.

so now i'm able to open it and look at what she gave me.

I take the packet out of my nightstand and slowly start to unwrap the paper that's around it.

When i have totally unwrapped the packet I looked at a small black book, with my name on it in big white characters.

I open it and what i see is quite adorable. there are a lot of pictures in the book and under each picture's something written.

I laid at the bed and look at the pictures. At the end of the book is again something written:


Dear Emmely,

I want you to know why I gave you this before I died.

I know this must be a difficult moment to you, but I want you to stay strong.

I gave you this because you'll be alone with your father now. But I don't really trust him.

I don't know why, but I just don't trust him around you. 

If he ever does something to you, please stay away from him. And if he wouldn't let you go, just escape. 

I also wanted to give you this beacause in this book there will be many good memories for you.

Maybe it makes you happier. I also wanted to tell you never to give up. search for someone who loves you.

and finally: don't cry about me, I mighe be happier now i'm in heaven :) 

Bye, Your mum




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