i will always love you

Emmely is your average 18 years old girl. Her mother died of cancer 3 months ago so she lives with her dad. Her dad abuses her badly and she want to escape. But how? She wants someone she could trust and someone who loves her. Will she find someone like that?
Read to find out!


4. Meeting the lads

Harry's P.O.V

As we walked, I held her hand. but then suddenly she fell on the ground and cried. I've never see a girl cry that much as she did. I picked her up and carried her to my place. While carrying her, I began to sing a song to her, More than this. When we arrived at my place she was asleep, she was probably tired of crying so much. I laid her down on the couch. I looked at her. She looked peacefully when she sleeps, I thought. I decided to text Liam that I was already home and when they come home they needed to be very silent. OK, Alright. He texted back. I hope he and the lads will remember when they come home.

After half an hour I heard a key in the front door. The lads were home, and they were completely silent, they tiptoed across the hall and entered the livingroom. Why wanted youus to be silent? Niall asked. Because she's sleeping, I answered them. Who is "she" Harry? Liam Asked.  Come and look,  but please, be silent. I walked up to the couch. They all followed me and saw the girl. They nodded: Good reason mate, Zayn said to me, and he gave me the ooh-you-are-in-love look. They tiptoed away to the kitchen to grab soda and some food.  Then her eyes fluttered open.


Emmely's P.O.V.

I looked around and saw Harry, I smiled. Hi, I said to him, and gave him a weak smile. Hi, he replied, I'm Harry, Who are you? I was shocked, didn't I tell him my name? and he just took me to his place, without asking who I was and Why I was crying? Why would he do that for me? I'm Emmely, I mumbled. wow, a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl, he said. I blushed. Then Niam, Liam, Zayn and Louis came back from the kitchen.

Hi, the boy with blond hair said, I'm Niall. I'm Liam, the boy next to him said. I'm zayn, a boy with dark brown/black hair said. I'm Louis, but you can call me Boobear, Said the last one. He's really cute and His smile is absolutely adorable.

But I'm in love with Harry, I think. Maybe i'll take Louis as some kind of brother.



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