The Last Great Time War

-For the Historical Competition- The Doctor is forced to fight in The Last Great Time War, with his brother and all the Time Lords, against the hate-driven Daleks who have only one goal.To kill. He becomes a hero, but then an old 'friend' arrives who changes his life forever. Coping with his punishment from a deadly mistake, will the Doctor make the right choice? -my version of who The Doctor who John Hurt plays, and Doctor Who's history -
Historical Fantasy :P


9. On the other side of the universe.

Travelling alone was a man, whom had been forgotten by his fellow warriors. He stopped the Last Great Time War. Many people thought he had died, but nobody had recovered his body. He had regenerated into another man, another Time Lord. Little did he know that he was 1 out of 3 of the last Time Lords. He carried on searching, and he will always search for his brother that he believes to be still alive.

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