The Last Great Time War

-For the Historical Competition- The Doctor is forced to fight in The Last Great Time War, with his brother and all the Time Lords, against the hate-driven Daleks who have only one goal.To kill. He becomes a hero, but then an old 'friend' arrives who changes his life forever. Coping with his punishment from a deadly mistake, will the Doctor make the right choice? -my version of who The Doctor who John Hurt plays, and Doctor Who's history -
Historical Fantasy :P


6. Day 6,840.

By day 6,840, I was bowed down to in streets but was the most hunted man by the Darleks. They wanted me dead and fast. Hiding away in the weaponry room and my Tardis was what I mainly did; hoping to avoid embarrassing hassling as much as being spotted by my enemies.

That day I was alone in a echo bronze room with tables and tables full of experiments, weapons and broken machines with smoke sizzling from them. Working slowly on a new invention I was too focused to realise what was happening, to realise I was in danger. The lights went out and I was forced into a suffocating world of darkness with no one to help me.


Head plummeting up and down at 100 mph, eyesight blurred and bewildered, hands burning as scratchy rope grated against them, I knew what had happened immediately. A figure slowly came into focus, a tall dark silhouette which stood statue still, his eyes boring into my head. He sounded like he was laughing at me, and when I heard his cackle my blood curdled. It couldn’t be him.    

“Oh Doctor, we meet again. So much has changed since our childhood days, look at you now. The hero of the Great Time War. I bet you love it don’t you? Being hailed everywhere you go. But I’m the only one who can see you who you really are. A coward and a liar. Claiming to be the best weapon inventor and Time Fighter. You didn’t create and build the Battle Tardis’s at the age of 13, did you? You didn’t gain a terrible drumming in your head that never stops, deh deh dadum from the Almighty Rassilon and you don’t have to live with it. I thought he was my uncle, but now I see he saw me as nothing more than a boy.” He said motionless but with an angry, angry expression that could kill Davros if he wasn’t already dead.

It was true, we were friends when we were children but since he turned into a twisted, cold blooded evil genius we never really saw eye to eye. I tried to speak but was stopped by a thick gag chocking my words.  Coming closer he knelt down and whispered in my ear “Every day I am driven crazy by this drumming, can you not hear it? I killed more Darleks than you ever had, in the almighty explosion just before Davros died. Yes that was me. But look at me now, I’m growing old too quickly, I should be young and quick like you. I don’t know what’s happening!”

His words were not untrue, his hair was greying already, a fixed dry frown was carved into his face and his eyes were supported by winkled black bags. This man was an insane genius, he was dangerous. I wished he would have stopped talking about Davros; I didn’t want to remember that night he died, the night I tried to save him. My hearts tapped like drums, faster and faster panicking as it really sunk in. I was alone with this Time Lord; nobody would hear my shout for help. I could have died there.

Looking into his eyes felt worse than looking into a Darleks, his eyes were alive with death and anger. Closer he came and I couldn’t stop the fear overtaking my body. I started thrashing, arms and legs screaming to be released, mouth suffocating on gag. The Master just shook his head, cackling. “I thought you would be braver, Doctor. Stop struggling or you will only die quicker.” With a sharp jab in my hand he cut my skin causing crimson blood to come oozing out, spluttering like a dying whale.  So my old friend was going to kill me, after everything.

When being faced with death I expected to put up a fight, to prolong the nothing that was promised but I just sat there frozen. I wasn’t giving up though, just thinking. “Good boy.” He whispered patronising me. “I’m so old and weak; I don’t get the leadership I deserve. I’m frowned upon as a useless old man, but I’m not! I’m as young as you. But look at you Doctor, so full of energy and life, and what regeneration are you on now? Ninth? You still have 4 more lives, four more complete lives. Imagine what I could do with four extra lives Doctor!”

For a seconds I was confused about what he was saying and then I realised. My blood pumped 200 times faster around my body, head screaming and lungs burning. I needed to escape, and now. Frantically I fidgeted with the ropes tying me up, whist he stared into the distance thinking to himself.  I just managed to click my fingers, and my sonic screwdriver came flying out of my pocket with a small bang into my hand. The Master still hadn’t noticed. With a painful twist and buzz the ropes were burnt apart. Looking up, he was still looking out of the window.

Surely it couldn’t be this easy? But I didn’t have time to wonder to what he was up to. Hands free, I quickly sizzled the rope trapping my feet and removed my gag. There I was free. So could I just run away? Silently, I stood up; trying my luck. No reaction. And then I ran, feet panicking in an ecstasy of freedom. The first door in front of me seemed my only option, so I crashed inside hoping it would be the exit.

The door behind me slammed shut, and the same dry voice spoke making the hairs on my arms stand on end.“Doctor, Doctor. Did you really think I would let you escape that easy? You only have only led yourself to death earlier. Look around. This is no exit. No, you are in my machine, the room of annihilation.” Crash! A black metal cage fell from the ceiling and trapped me in a claustrophobic circle with sharp thorns sticking out of the bars. I stayed completely still, not even daring to breath. The thorns seemed to be getting closer and I was ambushed in a world of fear. There was no way to escape now, I was completely alone.

“Master… Why are you doing this? Look, I can help you. You can get the glory that is rightfully yours, just let me go and I can help. We can find some way of reversing the years for you, I promise” I croaked, sweat splashing down my face.

He shook his head laughing. “I don’t want your help! The only thing I want from you is your lives and I will have that soon.” He walked over to an inky machine in the corner with hundreds of buttons, levers, handles and switches, microphones and a small television screen. In fact it looked remarkably like a Tardis console. “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit!” He cackled making the abhorrence worse. How could he do this to me, after all that time?

An eerie piercing green light was spat in my face, shining so hard that it made the pounding in my head faster and heavier. Maybe I could emphasize with The Master now. Without another word, he turned more dials and more lights sprang on, almost blinding me now. Terror swept through my body like a heat wave and I became distraught with the thought of my life ending now. The things I would never do…

“This will only take a few hours” He said into the microphone, causing his voice to echo around the cage. A few hours? I didn’t think I could stand a few hours of dying! This huge plunger that reminded me of a Darlek’s weapon appeared and got closer to my face promising suffocation. I was strangled as it crushed my head and began to take my breath, my life. The most agonizing feeling came next, like a Dementor sucking out my soul, and I could feel everything being removed from my body. My skin felt like I was bubbling and blistering and my eyes became dreary and blood shot. He was speeding up my age process, making me die quickly. Lungs freezing and tears stinging, I really wanted it to end.

Whirr… Whirr… Whirr… The power seemed to be fading and the suction was getting weaker. My head was released and the lights seemed to dim out. I fell on the floor like a dying Slithereen. Air cascaded into my lungs, and I took huge fierce breaths trying to get my remaining life back. Slowly I began to see again. I was still alive!

 Bang! The cage rattled and shook dangerously. Turning my head painfully, I saw bright luminous fantastic fiery ginger hair, and my brothers gleaming blue eyes. I knew I was safe. “It’s alright, old guy. I don’t know what The Master was doing to you but he has been taken away by the High Council, and I can assure you he won’t come near you again. Are you okay?” The Fighter asked me. He didn’t know who I was. He didn’t recognize his own brother.

When I tried to reply, it came out as a nasty croak. What had happened to me! Trying to speak again, I managed to mutter something. “Fighter, don’t you know who I am? I’m your brother, The Doctor!” I was angrier by the fact that he didn’t know who I was, more than the fact I had almost been killed.

My own brother looked at me with pity and confusion. “Look, you are obviously very confused so I’m going to take you to The Healers to get you checked out. But we need to go now; the war is turning into chaos!” He said frantically, pulling quickly at me to move and helping me from the ground where I had collapsed. I was very, very weak, my entire body aching dully and had to grip tight to him so I wouldn’t topple over.

He led me out of the door but I still was shaking with confusion. What the hell was happening? The Master was jailed, my brother didn’t know who I was, he called me an old man and the war was in chaos! I tried to talk. “I’m not crazy! I’m the Doctor! Wait… Why is the war in chaos? What’s happened?”

 He stopped walking and looked me right in the eye. “I-I-I’m sorry, really sorry about what had just happened, but you need to calm down. You are not the Doctor; I think I would recognize my brother. Try not to take it too hard but… Well The Peace have betrayed us. One of their leading warriors, Verrator went to the Supreme Darlek and gave them – I don’t really understand- some kind of device that allows them to see them, every single member of The Peace. Right at this moment, every Darlek is installing this device. And it gets worse. Verrator told them all our secrets, all our strategies and now with have nothing against them. Nothing. We need to think of something and quick. With The Peace, The Darleks can win this war. And we can’t let that happen! Look I don’t even know why I’m telling you this; you probably don’t even understand what I am saying. No offence. Come one, The Healer’s are outside.” He takes me outside and hands me to a Healer, pats me on my shoulder and marches off.

I’m taken away but I didn’t care. It was what my brother had just told me that blew my mind. Hands violently shaking, legs weak and unstable, tears burning and mind screaming. The Peace had betrayed us. Our friends had betrayed us! We might lose the war because of them!

Taken away was I, to a small hidden szpital where I was given a warm bed and some medicine. I wasn’t crazy! Why couldn’t they understand that?

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