The Last Great Time War

-For the Historical Competition- The Doctor is forced to fight in The Last Great Time War, with his brother and all the Time Lords, against the hate-driven Daleks who have only one goal.To kill. He becomes a hero, but then an old 'friend' arrives who changes his life forever. Coping with his punishment from a deadly mistake, will the Doctor make the right choice? -my version of who The Doctor who John Hurt plays, and Doctor Who's history -
Historical Fantasy :P


5. Day 6,120.

It surprised me how much could change in one year. From sitting in a box watching the war to fighting on the front line actually being in the war. I fought next to my brother, leading The Time Lords into battle after battle, was looked up to as a leader, a hero. That alone was extremely hard to cope with.

Around day 6,000 I was face to face with another Darlek, alone with it in an abandoned tower. We stood still staring at each other, my hands sticky and sweating over my Time Torpedo, feet shuffling like crazy and eyes flickering around for help. There was nobody there except from me and him. If you looked into his extended eye you would see nothing but a blue light, a harsh stare with no fear. Its shell was silver and strong, its bottom half decorated with unforgiving spheres that seemed to shine brighter than our sun, there was one limb with a metal arm that had a suffocating plunger on the end; I had it seen crush many of our kinds skulls and leave our men mangled on the floor, another metal limb was where the gun was; the swirl of shiny metal emitted a deadly electrical shot. Do you know what terrified me the most? Its head. With a machine head, it could move just like a owl’s head, turning 360 degrees in under one second; with that fast movement it made it easy to see people all around him, so one second you are hiding behind it, the next it’s about to kill you. Scary stuff.

His unforgiving stare locked onto me and I had to make the first move otherwise I would be killed, just like that. I had been told time and time again that their eye was their weakest spot, because without it they couldn’t see me which mean it couldn’t kill me. What was I doing, the ‘great’ Doctor hesitating to kill the monster in front of me? Not a fighting Time Lord. Just one button and I could go. Could the Darlek sense my fear? Why hadn’t it shot yet?

Crash! Magnificent ginger hair and a white smile was all I could see as my brother came running in, silently killing the Darlek in one shot. He had no hesitation, nothing. “Are you alright?” he asked me. I could only nod. Just a big gaping hole in the Darlek in front of me, the Kaled inside it withering and screaming.  Then it died. We were the monsters. We were just as bad as them.

The Fighter put his hand on my shoulder for a second and then led me out to the battle again. I had to pretend I was ok, smile encouragingly to injured soldiers, praise and help my army to do something I couldn’t even do. “ Go along the Cadonflood River, 500 of you submerge under it, wait until your sensors tell you a Darlek is near then emerge shooting with no mercy!” I would say and would get Time Lords saluting me, admiring me and doing as I said.

And then I was told, a couple of weeks ago that it was time I fought in the Battle Tardis, killing more than one Darlek at a time. I had to pretend to be happy, had to celebrate, had to act like my brother had done me a favour. The only positive thought that came to my head was at least I wouldn’t have to watch them die; I could kill them from afar.

Being inside a Battle Tardis is a lot different than fighting on the front line. Silence. You can hear your blood pumping it’s that quiet. Odd it was to see a battle so ferocious and alight just outside your window, screaming with murder and flames and hearing nothing at all. It was like watching the best action movie in the world in the most intense scene, but with no sound. It lost the atmosphere and fear. In the silence of battle cries, I could kill.

Maybe The Fighter knew this. The only sound that could be heard was my light footsteps pattering over the slippery floor, sliding to one control pad to another, pressing button after button, pulling lever after lever. If I pictured really hard that it was just a video game (Yes, Time Lords had video games. We invented them) then I could kill. Months after Months I kept my self busy running around using different combinations of button pressing just to stop myself thinking of what I was actually doing. I was in my own bubble and that was where I worked best. Alone.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Cannons were shot from a single touch and sent hundreds of Darlek ships alight; silently they screamed as the hit the ground as nothing more than a pile of ashes. With nothing to do but fight for my world, I killed thousands and was hailed a hero, a title I hated.

Fame. Something I had never liked was given to me in an instant by my fellow friends,  but people began to get jealous; tried to burn my ship, manipulate its controls by I had a good friend who stopped that. Lingkod was dwarf size, inky blue and bright amber eyes like a cat. He was remarkably quick, beyond genius and could communicate with me through my mind. He told me one thing that helped me make sense of things. “The Darleks cannot see us; only people with a certain emotion can. You need to feel fear intensely. We heard your call and came, hoping to repay the debt that we owed you.” It made things better that Lingkod hated killing, and preferred to just make weapons. Our friendship developed over time and I was glad of it. It kept me sane. 

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