The Last Great Time War

-For the Historical Competition- The Doctor is forced to fight in The Last Great Time War, with his brother and all the Time Lords, against the hate-driven Daleks who have only one goal.To kill. He becomes a hero, but then an old 'friend' arrives who changes his life forever. Coping with his punishment from a deadly mistake, will the Doctor make the right choice? -my version of who The Doctor who John Hurt plays, and Doctor Who's history -
Historical Fantasy :P


4. Day 5,760.

Now war was in full battle. We were finally equal with the Darleks and finding ways of penetrating them. The Peace brought brand new brilliant ideas (through a communicator) to The Rassilon with which he hastily agreed with, and put them into action immediately. Soon cowards of our Army woke up to the real world and ran back to us, fighting harder than they ever had before. Weapons with higher power then was ever hoped for were developed and used against the Darleks, causing them to rethink their plans.

They retreated for a couple of months but came back a lot fiercer, and a lot better. They seemed to have formed a weapon which could detect Time Lords within a 100 mile radius and then shoot at them with accuracy far beyond their capacity and skill. Davros had upped his game dramatically.

And yet we didn’t stop fighting, with a brand new weapon, the Time Torpedo which I created (yes I came out of my box for a day) that freezes Darleks in time and can attached to the battle Tardis’s. I did enjoy seeing the halo effect of them being used.

By day 5,760 we seemed to be winning the war and The Supreme Darlek was not happy about this at all. So he did what only desperate leaders do. He targeted the vulnerable.

It was out of nowhere and we should have seen it coming, but everyone was too caught up in their murder to stop and think. In the centre of the day the fighting seized to a halt for the first time in 16 years because of one single thing. A child’s agonizing cry magnified a million times was enough to stop the biggest time war in history. I should have foreseen what was about to happen, I should have moved quicker.    

But the innocent child of no more than four was pushed into the centre of the city, which everyone was watching in silence. He had ablaze coal black hair and tears shone from his huge ocean eyes, bottom lip trembling. How could a child know what was going to happen even before The High Council? EXTERMINATE! One scorching shot hit him straight in the chest and he was blown backward sizzling on the spot.

And that was all it took. It was my time. No more hiding in the shadows. I turned my Battle Tardis into normal mode and raced towards the centre of the square with nothing but revenge pacing my thoughts. With an almighty crash The Tardis landed within seconds and I tumbled out with the most powerful Time Torpedo ever made. It took a second for the child slayer Darlek to realise what was happening to him, and that was all I needed. Crunch! The Darlek’s coat was battered with just one shot and a black hole was made where its heart should be. The metal monster didn’t have a heart. Inside the Darlek was the vilest thing known to Time Lords.

A bubbling oozing brain with two human eyes sat in a cage with limbs of skin wired up to the shell of the monster. I watched the light from its cruel pitiful eyes fade as the Time Torpedo was too powerful and had annihilated the mind. Why didn’t I feel any better? I just felt like a killer, no better than the one before me. I helped people, not killed them.                      

 Gallifrey was silent. I couldn’t look up at the Darleks because surely that would mean looking into death; I wasn’t going to get away with what I did. Crawling over to the boy’s lifeless body, I listened to his chest hoping the hearts were still beating, that the regeneration would start soon. Why wasn’t it starting? A deep crimson stain spread across his chest and I understood what had happened. This boy’s hair was ablaze not because the Darlek had set it on fire but because the regeneration was already starting; he had already been shot. So when the Darlek had shot him in again he stopped the boy’s regeneration, killing him. Darleks were cleverer than I gave them credit for.

With a click of my fingers my sonic screwdriver flew into my hands and within seconds I had built a grave for the poor boy and buried him. Slowly standing up, I made to walk into my Tardis before anyone noticed the tears that were rapidly falling. And the clapping started, every Time Lord in the galaxy applauded me; the young Time Lord with burning green eyes and flat brown hair.

My older brother, The Fighter, put his hand on my shoulder and whispered “Welcome to my army, Doctor” The captain of our army hugged me like a brother would and ruffled my hair like he used to. Wiping my stupid tears away, he brought me forward into the spotlight where he shouted to our race, “Time Lords, this is the new second in Command, The Doctor!” Everyone cheered like I was some kind of hero, which I wasn’t.

The Peace messaged The Fighter saying “ We can’t disable the Darlek’s weapons for any longer, so be ready to defend yourselves again” and within a moment Darleks began shooting , angrier and more menacing than ever.

So that was the day I was welcomed into the army that I didn’t want to fight in. But I had to be taught the ways of the army, otherwise my side would be let down.

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