The Last Great Time War

-For the Historical Competition- The Doctor is forced to fight in The Last Great Time War, with his brother and all the Time Lords, against the hate-driven Daleks who have only one goal.To kill. He becomes a hero, but then an old 'friend' arrives who changes his life forever. Coping with his punishment from a deadly mistake, will the Doctor make the right choice? -my version of who The Doctor who John Hurt plays, and Doctor Who's history -
Historical Fantasy :P


3. Day 4,680.

With the promise of the every race being obliterated if we lost this war, our hopes were shattering and people started to give up. Some fighters ran away and cried with their family knowing their last days would soon be near and I shouted at them to get back to the front line. But they wouldn’t listen to me. I was just a mad man in a box.

Men began to lay down their weapons, leave their Tardis’s and hide whilst the Darleks started to laugh in our faces. So much for us being the brave courageous race.

But on Day 4,680 everything changed. Trillions of these tiny inky ships invaded the broken remains of Gallifrey, skating through the amber flames as if they wouldn’t get burned. Bounding into the centre of the Capital, our remaining soldiers stopped still in battle astonished at the newcomers. Prayed did they that the aliens would not be more Darleks because if they were then the battle would be lost.

But they couldn’t have been. The Darleks didn’t even notice them, didn’t register them or call to them. It was like they weren’t even there to them. Out of the ships came aliens I recognized in a heartbeat.

Deep azure skin that was stretched across their abnormal sized head, sunken black eyes and no visible mouth, flipper like hands and a deceiving terrifying aura; no Time Lord could mistake them. Our friends, cousins of the Silence, were here. Their names were The Peace and were extremely strong and powerful fighters, just incredibly small people. They had a way which they could confuse even the sharpest minds, bewilder the most stubborn emotion and could win a war easily. I was glad I invited them, they owed me.

The Peace did not ever talk, so they signalled the sacred sign of love to the Rassilon and got back in their ships. Still the Darleks didn’t notice them. Before long they began to shoot invisible rays at the Darleks. Confounded by what was happening they started shooting randomly but highly off target, they weren’t scared as they didn’t possess that luxury but they were livid, and their hate for the Time Lords grew at a rapid rate. Darleks were dangerous when they were angry. Very dangerous.

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