The Last Great Time War

-For the Historical Competition- The Doctor is forced to fight in The Last Great Time War, with his brother and all the Time Lords, against the hate-driven Daleks who have only one goal.To kill. He becomes a hero, but then an old 'friend' arrives who changes his life forever. Coping with his punishment from a deadly mistake, will the Doctor make the right choice? -my version of who The Doctor who John Hurt plays, and Doctor Who's history -
Historical Fantasy :P


2. Day 1,800.

By this time I had moved to an impervious invisible Tardis on top of a tower, and was still watching over the city. A lot of things had changed in five years. The Time Lords were losing. Millions of Darleks buzzed into our huge planet and had spread out all over Gallifrey. The vast planet was crammed with them and we were finding it hard to compete with the Darlek’s numbers. The main most furious battle was in the Capital below me which echoed ear splitting gunshots and the sizzling of flesh, with the unbelievably high shrieks of our enemies splitting the tension like a heart breaking as it felt its family perish. It was murder after murder after murder. They had turned us into killing machines and we didn’t know how to stop. I saw my own brother battering down a crying Darlek and smashing the life out of it. That wasn’t our job.

The Rassilon and The Supreme Darlek seemed to keep away from spilling blood and instead made wicked orders of how to manipulate the opposing species and hoped to win the bitter war. Relishing were the Darleks of the sick fun they had, well they were created to kill. With no other emotion except for hate, I almost felt sorry for them. Davros designed them to annihilate anyone not of their species, to take over the world and rule it like we do of our universe.

The Time Lords were losing though. Slowly the metal machines began to whittle down our army and we were losing confidence fast. Nobody could come up with a new weapon, strategy or idea and soon our fighting became futile. Nobody thought we could win.

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