Before She Came Along

Before Natasha Romanoff came along, Clint Barton had a different lover. She had the same loves as him with archery, and hand to hand combat. After the compromisation of her lover/partner, she left her resignation letter on Nick Fury's table. Soon, she is called back to S.H.I.E.L.D to help save her country, and even planet once more. Will she risk her high ranked job at the CIA to return to Fury, and even Clint? Or will her pride get the best of her?


1. Compromisation and Quitting. (The Start)

“Agent Barton has been compromised,” Nick Fury’s voice slips through the earpiece. Her head perks up instantly, a frown on her face.


She slips right into her action. Her arrow was drawn back, and her shoulders stiff as she glared at the Demi-god before her. He narrows his eyes into slits as he glares at the young woman. She felt almost uncomfortable underneath his deep gaze.


Loki laughs. He laughs. “So this is it?” he asks, walking around in circles around the 27 year old woman. “You point a bow and arrow at me and expect me to surrender?” he chuckles once more. He snaps his fingers, and Clint Barton walks out beside him.


“Clint,” the S.H.I.E.L.D agent gasps. She expects him to react, at least the slightest bit. She expects him to move, kick him in the face, and draw and arrow back and point it to his head but he doesn’t. Instead, he chuckles with him.


Loki slips off Clint’s sunglasses, revealing an unusual shade of blue colored eyes. She knew it wasn’t his eyes. “No,” she mumbles underneath her breath, not loud enough for anyone to hear. “No, Clint snap out of it.” she almost begs, her voice pleading.


The archer scoffs, shooting looks with Loki, who smirks. “Finish her,” he commands, before walking off.


“Clint, no!” she shrieks. All he did was roll his eyes, before landing a blow to the side of his face. Once her eyes connected with his, he knew her Clint was gone. He was now replaced with a different one. A replica of him, and he was serving to Loki.


“Clint I know this isn’t you,” she tries to reason. “The real Clint I know doesn’t serve to Loki. The real Clint I know doesn’t-” her sentence was cut off by a grunt as Clint landed a blow to the side of her face.


“Okay then,” she mumbled underneath her breath. “If that’s how you want it.” the 27 year old landed a swing of her leg to his waist, knocking her heel into his ribs. He gasped at the contact, and she took the advantage to wrap another leg around his waist, pulling him down with her.


He flipped them over easily, landing a blow right to her jaw. She kicked his hips, standing up. He was between her legs, and took an advantage of tugging them down so she landed on top of him. He squirmed underneath her.


“Let,” he gasps. “Me go!”


“Not until you snap out of it,” she commands. But before she can do more, something tugs at the back of her uniform. Her eyes snap up, and they instantly connect with menacing green ones. She manages to let out a small squeak, before the God of mischief pulls her up the collar.


“Loki wait!” she screams, before he throws her to the other side of the room. Mind I tell you, the room was humongous. She groans as she stuck to the wall, moving a little until she falls out of the hole.


She lifts her head, to see Clint jumping inside the vehicle with Loki in it, and driving away. “Clint,” she whispers for the last time, before she blacks out completely.





She sighs, placing the paper on Nick Fury’s table. Her resignation. A S.H.I.E.L.D stamp was on the right corner of the sheet, and her signature was scribbled messily on the bottom. She placed her badge, her nametag, and ID card back on his desk.

As she walked out of his office, she glanced at the badge for the last time, before walking out, her brown ponytail swishing behind her.

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