Falling For Him (The New Guy)

What do you get with 2 single people, Love. Well this is the story of 2 individuals. Danni, the typical Tomboy and Rylan, the New Geek Boy. This is not the typical girl makeover, where the girl gets the makeover, instead it's the opposite, the guy gets the makeover so he becomes Popular.

So Read and Find out what happens in Falling For Him...


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7:


(Skipping journey to Allen’s house)


(Danni’s POV)


“So see you late Danni” Allen said to me, “Yeah see you at school tomorrow, Bye” “Bye” he replied as he walked to his lawn and closed his door. Now I had to go to Rylan’s house to help him with his makeover, this was gonna be such a long day today. I had to call my mum first to make sure that I was allowed to go. “Hey, mum, I’m going to be a little bit late from school, I’m going to someone’s house to help them study, if that’s okay with you” I said to my mum over the phone. “Sure honey, but make sure to be home by dinner. “Sure, bye mum”, “Bye Sweetheart”, god I loved my mum.


I followed the address that Rylan gave me to go to his house; at least it wasn’t going to be a long journey, it was only 3 streets away from Allen’s house. As I arrive to his house, I knocked on the door and waited until I was greeted by a tall tanned woman, she was beautiful with long blonde hair curled at the bottom and Dark Black eyes just like Rylan’s. “Hello, and who might you be” the lady at the door asked me. “Oh sorry I was looking for Rylan, is he home”, “Of course he is, so why don’t you come in and sit down” she asked me politely, “Sure, thanks” “He’ll be here a little shortly” “Thank you” I said as she gave me a glass of water and cookies.


(Rylan’s POV)


I was in my room playing on my Xbox when my mum called me down and told me that I had a visitor waiting for me downstairs. “I’m here” I said as I walked down the stairs. “Oh it’s you” I said to Danni when I saw her sitting down and eating cookies, “Well of course it’s me why wouldn’t I be here, I do keep my promises” “Uh Okay” “So are you just gonna stand there or are you going to invite me to your room” “Uh sure” I said as I lead her upstairs to my room.


“So let’s get started shall we” “Started for what” “Your makeover silly” “But I didn’t agree with it”, as I was finishing off my sentence I saw her going across to my wardrobe and looking through my clothes. “Can I ask you why you’re looking through my clothes”, “So I can see what kind of clothes you wear, so that I can help you become popular, so first we have to have the correct clothing” she was throwing all my clothes and trousers on the floor and on my bed. “Not this, too ugly, too classy and especially no to this, here it is the perfect thing for you to wear for our trip to the mall. “   Hey you’re messing up my room” “Oh shut up and wear this” she said as she threw me some basketball shorts, a Nike t-shirt and a leather jacket that I never knew I had. So I walked to my bathroom and changed into the clothes that she gave me.


When I walked out of my room I saw Danni looking around she hadn’t turned around so she didn’t know that I was behind her until I coughed “Oh you’re finished, now that you’re presentable were going shopping” “You know I’m a guy and not a girl, so why do I have to go” “You have to so I can buy you some nice clothes and so that I know what size you are and you seriously need it, come on them” she said as she was already heading downstairs. I followed her and said to my mum “Mum, I’m going out” “Okay, sure but don’t be too late, you need to be home before dinner because me and your father are going out tonight so you need to baby sit Bella” “Uh Sure, Bye”. I said even though I never heard everything she said because I was already on my way to my Ferrari. Danni was beeping my car horn, how the hell did she get inside my car, probably I gave her the keys, when did I do that. “How did you get inside my car, I never gave you my car keys did I” I said as I scratched my head thinking how she did that. “Sorry I saw your car keys lying near your bedside table so I took them because you forgot them when you hurried downstairs” “What about your motorbike” “Doesn’t matter I’ll be back to take it okay” “Sure”.

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