Falling For Him (The New Guy)

What do you get with 2 single people, Love. Well this is the story of 2 individuals. Danni, the typical Tomboy and Rylan, the New Geek Boy. This is not the typical girl makeover, where the girl gets the makeover, instead it's the opposite, the guy gets the makeover so he becomes Popular.

So Read and Find out what happens in Falling For Him...


6. Chapter 6


(Danni’s POV)


Thank God, finally 6½ hours of school was finished and now I get to go back home to my bed. I get to ride my baby as well all by myself no one to distract me. Well almost no one to annoy me, because as I was approaching my motorbike Allen comes along and asks me “Hey can you drop me off to my house, my car has run out of petrol, so I need you to ride me home” “Why not ask the others” “Well they said they all had to be somewhere and I thought you were the nicest of them and wouldn’t say no” “Well you came to the wrong person, I’ve got a motorbike how are you going to fit in” “Woo are you calling me fat” “Maybe”. “Well can you?” “Sure, cause you asked me very nicely” “Thanks” “So why didn’t you check if there was any petrol left” “Hey, I was in a rush to get to school, so I never had anytime to go to the petrol station” “So, when did the bad boy ever care about coming to school” I joked, “Since his mother came rushing into his room and threw water all over him” he said “Ha, the same thing happened with me and my brother, but I did get him back for it” “Sooo can I…” “Of course” I said, and when I saw his face light up I finished off my sentence “NOTT”, “Aww man, why, you never let me ride your bike” “No one, I mean absolutely no one is allowed to ride my bike except me” “Why, you let Jaxs…, oops I’m not meant to say that” “What, how comes no one told me Jaxson road my motorbike, if I see him I swear I will”, Allen interrupted me by saying “Are just gonna stand there, or are you going to let me go on the bike” “Oh sure, hop on”



(Rylan’s POV)


As I was walking out to my Ferrari, I saw Danni and a boy talking so I thought I’d wait for them to finish, it looked like they were enjoying themselves, maybe it’s her boyfriend, she never told me that she had a boyfriend. Well who cares it’s not like were best friends. I was getting a little annoyed, because they were taking so long that I beeped my horn so that they could notice that I was waiting for them. They both turned around and saw my yellow Ferrari, you could say that a geek boy like me had a sports car, well they didn’t know everything about me, do they now. “Excuse me, erm Danni I thought that you told me to wait for you so you can help me with something” “Oh sorry I forgot, so can you tell me where your address is so that I can come to your house afterwards, because I need to drop off Allen to his house” Okay here it is” “Thanks, I’ll see you there, Bye” “Bye” I replied back and drove to my house.


(Danni’s POV)


“Bye”, “Bye” he replied back to me as he drove away. I had forgotten that Allen was there so when he cleared his throat, I turned around and said “What”, “Sooo, who’s that boy, he’s got a sweet ride for a guy with headgear and glasses, is he your secret boyfriend” he joked “Nooo, he just needs my help with something” “Okay, if you say so” “Shut up Allen, or I ain’t gonna take you home. “Okay, okay, mouth zipped” he said as he pretended to lock his lips and throw away the key. “Come on then” I said.

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