Falling For Him (The New Guy)

What do you get with 2 single people, Love. Well this is the story of 2 individuals. Danni, the typical Tomboy and Rylan, the New Geek Boy. This is not the typical girl makeover, where the girl gets the makeover, instead it's the opposite, the guy gets the makeover so he becomes Popular.

So Read and Find out what happens in Falling For Him...


5. Chapter 5


(Skipping Lessons)


 (Danni’s POV)


Thank god lesson was over and it was Lunch. Heaven is finally here, I thought as my friends and I found a table to sit on. Well to me lunch was the best lesson even though it isn’t technically a lesson. I was enjoying my burger when something hit me on the face, then I heard Jaxson laughing, why was he laughing at me I though, “Hey why the hell are you laughing at me for Jaxson. “I just hit you on the face with a French fry but you were so engrossed into your food that you didn’t even listen to what I was saying.” He told me as he started laughing again.


“So what were you going to tell me and make it quick I need to get back to my burger” “The burger won’t mind probably he would be extra happy with you not eating him” god Jaxson was weird even for a quiet dude but I knew he was being sarcastic. “Why am I even friends with you for” “Because you looove me” “Shut up and tell me what you were going to say”. “Oh just that you go a little something on your face” “Where”, “There just a little to your left”, “Here” “Just a little more” “Here” “God let me point to where it is” “Okay go ahead, but make sure you don’t do anything to my face” “Of course I won’t, if I did do something, then you don’t know me at all” “There” Jaxson said as he poked me really hard on the cheek. “Ow what the hell was that for” “Well you told me to tell you where it was” “Well I didn’t tell you to kill me with your finger did I”. “You’re so stupid” Noah butted in, “What do you mean I’m so stupid” “Think carefully…” he said. I was wondering what he meant by think carefully, when it hit me, “Hey there wasn’t anything on my face was there Jaxson”, “Now she’s got it” Noah replied.


Once I finished off all my food I excused everyone, so that I could go to the bathroom. While I turned the corner I bumped into something hard, and I fell to the floor, landing on my ass. Ow that hurt. “Hey watch were your going”, “Sorry I didn’t mean it” I heard a deep voice say. The guy held out his hand for me to hold, but me being the person I am, I stood up myself, I didn’t need someone to help me out, I’m capable of doing it myself. As I stood up, I realised the person I bumped into was in fact, the new guy.


“Until we meet again” I told him as he started to laugh. “So did you get beaten up again”? “Na, just on my way to the bathroom, do you know where it is” “Duh, your standing in front of it” “Ha, so stupid of me, I didn’t know”. “So can I ask you a question” “Sure” “Why were the guys beating you up” “It’s because of this” he said as he pointed to his headgear. “Well you’ve come to the right place” “You mean the bathroom” “No I mean I’m going to help you” “With what” “Well I’m going to help you become, wait for it… popular. “And how are you going to do that” “Well meet me outside the school, I’ll be the girl on the sexy red motorbike, and then you can follow me to my House, Kay Byeee” I said as I walked away from him and entered the bathroom.

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