Falling For Him (The New Guy)

What do you get with 2 single people, Love. Well this is the story of 2 individuals. Danni, the typical Tomboy and Rylan, the New Geek Boy. This is not the typical girl makeover, where the girl gets the makeover, instead it's the opposite, the guy gets the makeover so he becomes Popular.

So Read and Find out what happens in Falling For Him...


4. Chapter 4


(Danni’s POV)


(Skipping Nurse’s Office)


I left Rylan in the nurse’s office as I walked to my first lesson. As I walked inside my teacher came out of no where and started to shout at me. “Your late, Detention” “Hey calm your tits, I’m here know aren’t I, are you blind  or do you need to get better glasses, I mean look at you, you old hag you look like a lady version of Harry Potter.” I replied to her, well she did deserve it I was just stating the facts. Everyone in the class was oooing and aahing. The look on the old ladies face was hilarious she was trying to keep her anger in but I could see that she wanted to shout at me because her face was so red that I knew she was ready to explode. “Double detention for you, now sit down in your seat.” As I walked to my seat at the back people started to high five me. “That was awesome, never thought you had that in you.” Allen laughed. “Well she did deserve it I mean look at her she’s just a big freak show no wonder why she’s not even married no one would want her” I replied.


“Oy Danni why were you late, I know that your always late but you were way too late, I mean 20 minutes went by.” Cierra asked me. “I got in a bit of trouble with…” before I could finish off, someone walked into the classroom, so I turned towards the front to see who it was that interrupted me, but I was met with Dark black eyes. “Today we have someone new joining us; I would like everyone to treating him nicely” then the teacher told the new boy “Would you like to introduce yourself to the class.” “Well my name is Rylan James, I’m 18” “No Joke” someone interrupted “and I’m from Britain”. He said in his British accent. “Would you like to sit down next to Danni” the Teacher told Rylan. “Would you like to put your hands up please Danni” the teacher stared at me, waiting for me to put my hand up. “Hey why does he have to sit next to me for” I shot back to the teacher as she stared me down, if eyes could kill I would have been 1000miles below the ground. “That would be Danni”


Everyone got back to what they were doing once Rylan went to his seat. “As I was saying Cierra before I got rudely interrupted” I said in a very professional voice that Cierra started to laugh. “I got in a bit of trouble with these two jerks beating up him” I pointed to Rylan. “I thought that I would teach them both a lesson or two about what happens if you use someone as a punching bag.” “You mean they beat up the new guy” “Duh that’s what I just said” “Oh and you beat them up.” “Did I just hear someone say you beat up two jerks” Tristan shouted. “Keep your voice down someone in Australia could hear you”. “You beat up two jerks” he said a little quieter. “That is sooo cool, why did you do it, why did you do it.” He said impatiently. “Calm down I’ll tell you, if you stop bugging me” “Now let me tell you with no interruptions, well basically the new guy was getting beaten up by erm these two jerks, forgot what their names were, so I’d thought I’d step in and beat them up, cause you know how much I hate bullies. “Yeah, I know”



“Hey Cierra, why are you crying for,” I said to Cierra. “Well this boy Ethan tripped me over and started laughing at me when I didn’t do anything to him” Cierra said between sobs. I held out my hand for her to hold and pulled her off the ground. “So tell me where this Ethan guy is so that I can teach him a lesson about bullying my friends” “No don’t do anything I think he did it by accident” she tried to defend him. “What do you mean he done it by accident, if he did then he wouldn’t have laughed at you, he would have…” before I could finish off my sentence Cierra pointed to something. “What are you pointing at”. “Him that’s the one that tripped me over, that’s the guy Ethan”. As she was about to tell me to not do anything I was already walking towards him, staring him down with my eyes as he was laughing with his friends and tell him something. “Did you see the look on her face when I tripped her over” Ethan said. So he thought I never heard him.


“Hey, who the hell told you to trip my friend over.” I shouted at him, “Hey why are you leaving me with this nut job for” he shouted to his friends as they walked away from him. “Who you calling a nut job, you’re the one that has no one to back you up.” “Why are you talking to me for, go back to your friend, the cry ba…” I interrupted him by punching him on the stomach and kicking him on the balls. “Owww, why did you do that”, he said as he clutched his crotch with his hand. “Well you did trip my friend over, so basically, YOU DESERVED IT”. I told him as I walked away from him.


That day forward as me and Cierra got to know Ethan in 5th Grade we became best friends.




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