u and me


6. You and me

theres something between you and me

kind of beautiful and a little silly

something that makes me feel pretty and makes me smile

makes me beleive youll walk with me for miles

and aways be ther till i need you

you make me beleive that fairy tales do come true

you make me want to laugh and cry

you tell me what you feel indirectly but you are still pretty shy

every night as you say ill see you tomorrow

my eyes fill with tears of joy instead of sorrow

i wonder hor could anyone be so madly in love

with me,and i thank the heavens above

for giving me the best thing i could ever get

the most beautiful days i can never forget

you support me in every way you can

and say never leave writting ill forever be your fan

every time im upet you say hey youre traseure to me

and every time you pass i see you peeking back shyly

my mornings start with 'good morning beautiful's every day

now life doesnt seem worthless it seems so gay

and when i ask you

if today was the last day of the world what would you love to do

your answer is always -'thats such a stupid question silly

id like to be with you , only you and me '

everything is just so perfect i hope it does stay

cause whenever i need you you say you arent gonna go away

ill always write as you wish me to and you play your guitar

you call me your treasure and a shinning star

i got the perfect christmas gift i could ever have

a guy who loves me much more then i love him who will never let me be sad

so you see

theres somethingsilly

which makes me smile wide beautifully

the thing between you and me

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