u and me


24. This too shall go by

I feel my heart break 
Every time I see you I ache 
Just wishing you would you would open your eyes 
To the reality and realize
How much you've unknowingly used and hurt 
The people who were good to you, and you treated them like dirt 
While I pray,hope and wait 
I feel my heart break

All this has been going since so long 
You ask me to be with you through this, say i gotta be strong 
But as i feel the guy i knew and loved go away 
I feel my belief sway 
Only if you'd let me be your light 
Let me guide you back to the right 
Things weren't always meant to be right so they can't always be wrong 
But till then i guess you and i just gotta be strong 

I try and keep myself from tearing apart 
Each second just piercing my heart 
A princess was all you made me feel like before 
But now all you make me feel is unsure 
Only if I could bring the old you back somehow 
Its not just me, its all of us we need you now
But i still keep myself from tearing apart 
Just waiting for us to have a new start

So i resist the urge to just run away and cry 
Get used to the sleepless nights i spend wondering why 
Even as the skies get rough 
And as times get tough
You will never be alone
I'll never let you be on your own 
So till then i resist the urge to give up and just cry 
Instead i say to myself this too shall go by

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