u and me


25. Some Nights

Some nights I wake up struggling to breathe 

Chocking on our memories 

Some nights I stay up 

Wondering why things got so rough 

Some nights I still feel my heart ache 

Thinking about our promises and how easy they were for you to break 

Some nights I curse the heavens above 

For making me fall in love 

Some nights I'm scared of it happening again 

I can't take anymore o this pain 

Some nights while looking at the moon in the night sky 

I still get my hopes high 

Some nights I just wanna run away 

cause I'm out of reasons to stay 

Some nights I wish none of this happens once more 

I gave it a chance and now here I am more broken than I was before 

Some nights when I think I've moved on

I still think about how i all went wrong

Some nights I wish being strong was a choice 

I wish I had a reason to rejoice 

Through all these nights so cold, so dark

I wish I saw something happy a light, a spark 

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