u and me


2. seeing you happy

seeing you this happy with that smile on your face 

fills me with a joy nothing else can replace 

it's a feeling hard to explain 

maybe i'm just trying in vain 

it's nothing anyone can understand, it's something to be felt deep within 

there's a missing part of me which i find in that grin 

there's nothing else i want, nothing else i need 

it's only that grin, that fills me with greed 

that smile is just magic 

but it's just tragic 

all those hearts getting stolen away at once that way 

just one smile and all the miseries just  vanish away 

i feel filled with a joy I've never felt before 

i'm completely in love with that smile for sure 

because seeing you this happy with that grin on your face 

fills me with a feeling nothing else can replace 


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