u and me


22. Right next to you

Even as distances grow wide
I can still feel you by my side
All your love, comfort and care
Seems to be always there 
Although i can't hold your hand 
It's still you who gives me the strength to stand 
Shining like the brightest star 
I can feel the warmth of your light you aren't that far
Just sometime more a day or two 
and then i'll be back to you 
Every second i just miss you more and more 
I still manage a smile thinking about the times before 
Whenever a day seems too hard to start 
I remind myself you're in my heart 
And as all happiness seems to drain 
I remember it won't be long before things are fine again 
Just when i think I've had enough 
Of everything,  thinking of you stops me from giving up
As things get bad and i feel like running away 
You are the only reason i stay 
Life gets tough 
But whenever things get rough 
I want you to remember no matter what we go through 
I will always be right next to you

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