u and me


15. Love you a lot

I got a smile plastered on my face 
Someone in my heart who can't be replaced 
It's just the way you make me feel 
So good in real 
Though at times I've said things I should've not 
I wish I could tell you more often, I love you a lot
There's something about you that makes me believe you'll be my last 
Maybe it's the way you make my heart beat fast 
every word you say 
I just can't get them away 
All of them just seemed to be engraved in my thoughts 
I could remind you every second of my life, I love you a lot 
I feel lost when you aren't around 
With you there's this peace I've found

A new  reason a new hope is what i see in you

A new belief in a dream i thought would never come true  

I'll be by your side no matter what

All I know is I love you a lot

An angel in my life is exactly what you are

Some day you won't be that far

If only you could see unlike the ordinary guys you have so much of love affection and care

I won't give up, I just can not

I want you to know I'll always love you a lot

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