u and me


23. Just so you know

Miss you every second ? Hell yes I do

But i know this wait wont last that long and so do you

Whenever you feel alone

Just remember ill never let you be all by your own

I'm always right there by your side

I just found a quiet tiny place in your heart to hide


As the clock ticks by i wish u were here

But i know your always near I'm yours and yours ill stay

And every time i seem too far away

Just remember ill always be your girl

And someday we'll together travel the world

Whenever m not close enough to hold your hand Ill just be making the perfect plan


The sun goes down and the evening creeps in

But i know your with me deep within

Whenever u cant find me around Never let your spirits down

Just remember I'm right there always in your heart

There's not a single moment when we r apart

Its just a little tiny wait And then soon again things will be great


And through every dark endless night

Let our memories be your light

Whenever the ray of hope seems bleak

Every time you feel weak

Just remember I'm with u trough every rise and fall

Some fine day we'll have it all

And just so you know,no matter what we go through

I'm never ever letting go of you

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