u and me


12. Its just you

When everything seems to hurt me 

If there's anyone who can comfort me 

No one else could ever do

It's just you


Whenever  times get awfully bad

Whenever all I feel is sad

The only one who makes me believe happily ever after is true

It's just you


Every time I don't feel well

Every time life feels like hell

The only one who can make me feel better and comfort me too

It's just you


Each and every long tiring day

Wit each and every drop of my energy dripping away

The only one who can get me back to crazy and help me through

It's just you


And when everything seems wrong everywhere 

There's no one else who could make me feel better by just being there

Maybe I wasn't before

But today somehow I'm more than sure

No one else could ever do 

The one for me ? It's just you

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