u and me


3. I wonder

sometimes i just sit back and wonder 

how all that life meant to me was a blunder

the only thing i would do was cry 

all hope lost just wondering why 

worn out and tired of trying to be strong 

all broken and alone for too long 

i'd started to believe miracles were fake 

all they did was make my heart break 

but it's now that i see

the reason for all the sadness in me 

there's an angel 

who showed me how to live

love , love and love that,s all that he gives

it's strange how things can change so soon 

life which once was just a pain now seems like a boon

there's a different beauty in everything i see around 

but when i'm with you nothing can let me down 

now i know that you're all i need 

so that this life i can lead

sometimes i just sit back and wonder

how a miracle took me away from such a blunder 

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