u and me


21. I never knew

I never knew

I was so deeply in love with you

I never realized

When i got addicted to looking into your eyes 

As i look into them now 

I wish i could get lost in them forever somehow

The look that we share

Somehow shows it all to me- your love, affection and care 

There's so much to say in my head

Just one glance and all of it seems to be said 

Even with everyone around it still seems like just you and me 

A beautiful dream, an escape far away from reality 

Waiting for the day 

When there won't be a single moment with you away  

Every word you say just engraved into my mind

Wishing it hadn't taken me this long to find

The missing part of my soul 

The one who makes me complete, makes me whole 

Only if I had met you before

I could get to be with you so much more 

I wanna be with you till the end of time 

Feel the pure joy every time i call you mine

I never knew

I was so deeply in love with you

And I never realized

when i got so addicted to looking into your eyes

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