u and me


7. Happiness

The true reason for my happiness

The one who saves me from every distress

The only one I need with you this life is so much more pleasant to lead

You are like my a second half of my soul

The one who completes me makes me whole

There’s nothing I can’t do now that I am with you

My perfect other half no one else would do

The reason for every smile of mine

As long as I’m with you I know I’ll be fine

I could spend all my life just adoring you getting lost in those eyes

My secret passage to paradise

No matter how hard times get

It feels like I could face anything ever since the day we met

All I need is you by my side

And I’ll go to the light with you my guide

Through times good and bad

As long as I got you I can never be sad

You’re the reason for the hope in my heart

The one who got together what was so often broken apart

From the lands of misery

You got me

Back to life back to happiness

Its magical how you take m out of every distress

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