u and me


26. Good Bye

Standing there together trying to set things right 

But to be honest t just seems like the darkest night 

I know the one I loved is dead and gone 

And the guy I see now is just confused and wrong 

I wonder how long back he died 

I wish you would've too while chocking him and setting him aside

Our memories still play back on and on in my mind

But our dreams are lost in the dark, impossible to find

I gave everything to you, broke myself while fixing you up

But you just walked away saying you weren't strong enough 

You left me when I needed you the most 

But now the guy I see haunts me like a ghost 

Sometimes I wonder if there's something more I could have done 

To prevent you from turning into the monster you've become

I love the guy you were, maybe I will forever 

But the guy you've become? We can never be together

I wish I could, but I can't step back again 

I can't let you break me once more I can't take anymore pain 

It's harder than anyone would probably know 

I can't let myself step back in and let you make me cry 

Its time for a goodbye 

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