u and me


1. Colors of love

The colors of our love 

You're my angel sent from the heavens above 

Green, as the new leaves

Reminds me of your words, cooling me down like a morning breeze

Yellow, as bright as the sun

reminds me of the light filled in you, my only one 

blue, as the beautiful sky

reminds me of your love, it takes me high 

pink, like a newly bloomed flower so sweet

reminds me of your blush every time we meet

orange,as a newly ripe peach

you make me wanna go to the highest level goodness can reach

purple, as a royal princess's gown 

you make me feel like one, every time i frown

black, as the elegant night sky

you make me want to love and live more and i don't even know why 

you are my angel sent from the heavens above 

you make me see the colors of life, the colors of love 



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