u and me


13. Cause I got you

A new day a new start

Nervous excitement beating in my heart

All those last minute submissions- a pain!

Studying 24/7 all over again

I feel a little anxious and a little scared too

But all of it doesn't matter cause I got you


A new year 

Is once more here

Bringing all the tension all the stress

And probably just another mess

But I'm sure I can start new 

Cause this time I got you



All those studies lying ahead

I'm gonna miss lazing around in my bed

Another year with problems all around

All those notes just bringing me down

There's nothing now i can't do 

Cause I got you


As the fear fills me in 

Making me feel dark deep within 

But I don't feel all that alone

With you around it just feels like home

But no matter what it is I know I'll get through

Cause I got all I need I got you 

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