u and me


14. An evening to remember

At times all of it seems too perfect to be true

All these beautiful moments i spend with you

Every minute passes by like a dream

The evening feels much more pleasant than it seems

I sneak looks at  your smile as i walk by your side 

Feel my grin stretching more and more wide 

I wish i could tell you how much I'd love too 

Just keep on walking that way forever admiring you

Only if i could tell you how much i care

while you were next to me while you were there

An evening i wish would never go away 

i wanted to just hold you back there and make you stay 

Looking into your eyes and listening to you laugh

Realizing without you i was just half
I already started missing you after you were gone 
I missed the way it felt when you walked along

Now i just wait to see you once more

To feel the amazing way it feels with you calm comfortable and secure

You make me cherish every moment we spent together

The most beautiful evening I've had, an evening to remember

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