Loved you first ✌

Her name was Kayla what happens when she finds out she's going on tour with her brother Niall?


3. Why Niall?

Kayla's POV:

I went sprinting to the kitchen to see Niall on the counter

singing to "Wannabee" from the Spice Girls, why would he wake me up at what was now 6:18 in the fucking morning.

"Oh tell me what you want what you really really want, ill tell you what i want what i really really want! i wanna i wan-"

then his cellphone rang in the middle of his solo, the most weird embarrassing ringtone ever

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"

notifying him that he had a call

i grab a banana eating it immediately to fill my empty stomach

 "Yeah, hello?"

"Okay i could be there "

"thank you for telling me, ill be there right away"

tears building up in his ocean blue eyes

"Ni, whats wrong?" i asked him, i could tell its something bad

then Niall says "Kayla we have to go"

"okay ill be ready in five." i said knowing ill look like a homeless person without my makeup on

"NO WE HAVE TO GO NOW!" he yelled at me, oh god please dont cry Niall..

"Okay then lets go" 


*Car ride*


"So you going to tell me whats going on or are you going to sit there and cry?"

im worried for real, i just got up and im not prepared for anything.

" mom got into a car crash we need to make it there in time"

he then bursted out crying, i started balling my eyes out his last couple words left me feeling like i was getting punched in the stomach repeatedly.

"p-please tell me that isnt're lying"

i stuttered


oh god, please just let us be there in time!



*AUTHORS NOTE: sorry if there was so much drama in the first three chapters its literally 5 am oh my god. i could re-do them if this story is shit so far.

p.s- im making another chapter describing the first day in more detail*



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