Loved you first ✌

Her name was Kayla what happens when she finds out she's going on tour with her brother Niall?


2. Lazy day?

Kayla's POV:

It turns out that Louis was the funny but not so funny kid, yes he pulled a prank on me...

he decided that right after i finished straightening my hair to wait outside the bathroom door with a bucket of cold water and throw it. at me.

But he's to cute to be mad at, i mean how could you be mad at those eyes?

oh god. i mean uhm. you just cant stay mad at him.

but i missed Niall tons! he's been gone 5 months and i live alone whenever he isn't in town...

but in the months he's been gone he found out alot of stuff he shouldn't had...

well it all started when i got endless tweets on how i didn't deserve to be his sister or how im a useless piece of shit.

i started getting depressed and when im depressed i cut... 

he found out when we skyped practically i didnt end the call but i didnt know that and i went to the bathroom in my bedroom, and i cut...atleast 5 cuts that night.

when i got back onto my laptop he was in tears, not only did his little sister self-harm infront of him..

he was going to tell me he got cheated on.

ouch. but anyways back to the story, the rest of the day was spent packing and cleaning know..i just can.

but they ended up staying the night and me and Louis pulled an allnighter watching Disney movies

he roll plays like a champ, he even jumped off of the couch and landed perfectly.

we had smoothies and ketchup chips and in the end we fell asleep on seperate couches, i wished it was a bed...and we were in it....NOT THAT WAY. 

but i ended up moving into my room...

at six o'clock in the morning i heard a sharp yell coming from the kitchen...





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