Loved you first ✌

Her name was Kayla what happens when she finds out she's going on tour with her brother Niall?


1. He's coming home.

                                                                   Kayla's P.O.V

I opened my eyes to see my plain white ceiling, i was to comfortable to move... i immediately knew it would be a lazy day when i watch Adventure Time Marathons and eat chips, but first i had to know what time it was cause my brother told me to call him at 12pm.

I look to the outlet to see if my white iphone charger is plugged into my wall and as usual it is, knowing how lazy i am i follow my cord all the way to my phone I pulled put mu phone from the charger and press the home button then the brightened screen surrounded by a dark room blinds me.

I've already missed 4 calls from Niall and its only 12:18  but its common sense to call back, right?

so i called him back to hear his irish accent


Niall: hey, hows your day going?

Kayla: oh its going good just sitting here, you called me four times already..

Niall: well i have a surprise for you...

Kayla: what? you know i hate surprises.


Kayla: what? why? 

Niall cause its summer you need to get out, get packing we'll be there in an hour.

Kayla: okay, but you ruined my lazy day of adventures.

 why must he ruin my lazy day with his "boy band" 

i mean i get out alot in summer, i go to get chips and pop and ice-cream... but i choose to stay inside cause outside peasants are filthy and mean.

but i better get packing, hmm... white shirt shorts and some flats...Oh cant forget the straightener, no sexy Kayla without sexy straightener.

*1 hour later*

i hear wheels, they're here! I've never seen the "boy band"

there's Niall and oh hot damn they are hot, especially Louis i mean.. oh they are... average.

i get greeted in a big warm Horan hug 

okay time to get this day started with some starbucks.


**AUTHORS NOTE: i know this chapter is short but its just the beggining i promise ill make longer chapters as the story progresses.**




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