Somewhere, sometime, some girl...

(Warning: contains Olly Murs and a few sences of anti-one direction!)

"There is nothing special about her, nothing. But I only glanced at her, only glanced at her beautiful eyes and now I'm hooked.".........


1. (Olly's P.O.V) To know her

It had been a tough day. Yeah alright the fans were pouring in, trying to get my attention before I even started singing. I was ready to go, but I was hungry, just so bloody hungry and all those warm bodies just made it worse.


Anyways, I just went out there and was greated by all my fans. Woopie, I don't think. So I started the concert and at the end I was helping to pack up the stuff on the stage when a girl ran in. I stared at her since I was the only person there and she hit herself on the head and muttered something inadiable to a normal person. I could hear it though.


"Shit, I'm late, stupid fucking trains."


The corners of my mouths twitched into a smile, she sighed then looked at me. I couldn't see her eyes or her face from where I was standing so I shouted out to her.


"Hey! You wanna help?"

She laughed "O.K, better than me just sitting my arse down at the train station again."


She came over and started to help, I could tell she didn't know who I was yet and she just worked in silence. No OMG you're Olly Murs, sign my forehead! She was just working, and the silence was bliss.


Afterwards we fell onto the stage, her muscels relaxing and her breath comeing out in short, sharp bursts. I could hear her pulse, it seemed to be alot slower than I expected it to be and it's calm, steady rythme washed over me.


She took off her hood to her jacket and I went bug eyed. She was beautiful, her face was pale and perfect. There were no flaws in that perfect face, her eyes glittered like two cold emeralds. Emeralds that were flecked with gold. Her lashes were long and dark, her cheeks a pale, rosey pink and her white blonde hair fell around her. I noticed the fringe and my mouth was almost on the floor.


That perfect white hair, had a perfect sky blue fringe. Outlining that perfect face, those deep cold eyes and that perfect smile.


She blushed even more. before she spoke.


"Um...Hello? Sorry I didn't realise who you were."

"It's O.K. It was accutally nice to have somebody not recognise me for once."


At that she blushed even further before my manager shouted down the corridoor:

"Olly, you gonna come eat or what?"


I turned to say goodbye to the girl but she had gone, dissapeared into thin air. My fangs extended alittle and I went off to eat, finally....

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