Somewhere, sometime, some girl...

(Warning: contains Olly Murs and a few sences of anti-one direction!)

"There is nothing special about her, nothing. But I only glanced at her, only glanced at her beautiful eyes and now I'm hooked.".........


2. (Angel's P.O.V) Get away freaks!!!

I was blushing when I left the stadium, I had met Olly Murs, he had been so nice to me. Most other people called me a freak or a bitch or whoe or a hore. I didn't care though, tonight I was happy and nothing was going to destroy my mood.


"Well hello little love."


I whipped round and caught my breath, the voice belonged to Louis. Yes the Louis from One Direction, I let my eyes widen and he laughed. I turned round to continue walking and I almost screamed. Zayne, Niall and Harry were stood there. Chuckling at me.


"Leave me alone please, I'm not a fan." I whimpered, it just made them laugh more. Harry-my least favourite of them all- stepped forward and smiled, a smile that would have made fans go weak at the knees.


He pinned me against the wall, his breath was hot and humid on my throat and his lips brushed my jaw.


"I don't care if you're a fan love, I just wanna eat you up baby girl. Now don't scream becasue it would be a shame to kill a pretty girl like you." He smirked.


Suddenly I felt his teeth peirce my skin and my instincts kicked in, I screamed and Harry bloody fucking Styles just kept drinking my blood.....

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