The Hanging Hearts

'They were both crazy. It would seem that she was trapped between a violent rapist and an overprotective ex.'

Warnings: Mention of rape and kidnapping.


3. Chapter 3

Olivia clutched her head as she regained consciousness. She felt like her whole body had been plunged into a fire pit, her head was banging and she felt sick every time she moved. She tried opening her eyes but it just made her feel even dizzier and the room she was in was pitch black. The room smelt damp, like firewood and moss, the air was thick and humid and she could hear whimpering coming from somewhere next to her. 

As her sight came back to her she heard two people talking in hushed tones and when she moved her head they both ran to her assistance. She looked around to see where she was, and who she was with.

The room looked like a decaying factory storage room, Wallpaper hung limply in shreds and in heaps upon the wooden floor. In the corner of the room looked like to be an iron bed with a couple of sheets on it. No sign of a mattress or duvet. She looked over and saw two figures sitting on the bed, their heads close together whispering to each other, she called out to them: 

"Hello?"She looked at the two people and saw that it was Mark and Miles, the two boys from her semiotics class. When she looked closer she realised they were both crying.

"Where the hell am I?" Olivia asked. 

"We don't know" miles said quietly.

"I woke up here, and found us like this. You've been out for 2 days now." Mark said shaking with fright.

"We've been kidnapped" Miles said through his tears. Olivia's inside turned solid. A lump appeared at the back of her throat as she started to remember what had happened the night of the seminar. She got up and walked about the room. She noticed a wooden door that was mouldy and rotting in some paces. She walked over and placed her ear against the splintered wood listening carefully for a sign of movement. She heard a cough coming from the corridor beyond and she jumped backwards. Something stirred in her memory at the sound of the cough, she knew that cough she'd heard it before. She could hear a fumbling of keys and the turning of the locks. 

Her, Mark and Miles jumped back and huddled in the corner together trying to stop their harder sobs rolling from their mouths.  

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