The Hanging Hearts

'They were both crazy. It would seem that she was trapped between a violent rapist and an overprotective ex.'

Warnings: Mention of rape and kidnapping.


2. Chapter 2

When Olivia arrived at The Coffee Stop it was seven-thirty and getting dark already, one side of the sky a deep inviting blue, the other side still bright as though the sun was peeking around a corner. She was a little late but that was what she had wanted. ‘Fashionably late,’ she thought to herself as she scanned the room of talking and laughing people and spotted Kevin setting up his computer at the front. As she moved through the crowd towards him, he noticed and waved with a smile.

"Hey Liv, glad you could make it, we're just about ready to start," Kevin said, as he stood up straight and put his hands in his pockets.

Olivia sat down next to a boy who she recognised from her class but had never spoken to enough to learn his name. He looked startled that a girl was sat next to him and flushed instantly pink as he folded his arms in the hope of hiding his Divergent t-shirt. She smiled at the boy whose already pink face turned red as he moved slightly to face her. Kevin had already started to speak so Olivia leaned in and whispered in the boy’s ear. “I’m Olivia.” She smiled as he relaxed a little with the knowledge that she actually wanted to talk to him.

“I’m Miles.”

"Well it's nice to meet you Miles."

Another boy wearing a fan t-shirt shuffled along the row and sat down on Miles' left, he then spotted Olivia and made a little squeak of embarrassment as he turned the same shade of red that miles was sporting.

Miles sniggered. "That's Mark. He hasn't really ever talked to a girl before"

"I'm not that scary" Olivia reassured him before leaning forwards and waving at Mark. His eyes grew large and he cowered back in his seat.


A few minutes later everyone was smiling and buying coffee as the seminar had finished.


Olivia and Kevin sat on a sofa for a while with Mark and Miles talking about their different classes at the university.

"Kevin I think I’m going to head off. I've got a letters and communication lecture tomorrow and I don’t want to be tired in the morning" Olivia said finishing the last of her coffee and pulling on her soft, tan leather jacket.

"Okay well, I'll walk you back to your flat" he said getting to his feet.

She told him it wasn’t far and she’d be fine as she knew that if he came with her she’d end up inviting him up to her flat which was certainly not a good idea.

"Oh okay" he said knowingly. They hugged briefly and awkwardly and then Olivia left. The sun had now completely disappeared and the sky was an inky black with hidden stars, the only light coming from very widely spaced lampposts. Checking her phone, Olivia saw that it was nearly half past eleven, a lot later than she’d intended on staying out.

The streetlamps which should have helped her to find her way were too bright so that when she stepped underneath one she was blinded but lit up for everyone else to see rather like being on stage. Only when you were on stage it was a good thing not to be able to see who was watching you. . .

As she stepped into a dark gap she glanced over her shoulder, thoroughly freaked out by the strange effect of the overly bright lights.

A dark, shadowy figure was keeping pace with her a small way behind.

Panic began to bubble up in her stomach as she tried to convince herself she was just being paranoid. She checked her phone again, only a few minutes to midnight.

She could hear the footsteps getting louder and louder and prayed that they would keep on going past her but just as she decided to run a heavy bag was forced down on her head and she tried to scream but was muffled by a hand covering her mouth and nose. The side effect of this silencing method was that she couldn’t breathe and her head was just starting to swim when she was shoved into the back of a car and the hand moved away.

 Her last thought before she blacked out was that this was either a murderer or something much worse.

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