The Hanging Hearts

'They were both crazy. It would seem that she was trapped between a violent rapist and an overprotective ex.'

Warnings: Mention of rape and kidnapping.


1. Chapter 1

The morning of the 19th of April started off as any other day. Except that something would soon happen to change the lives of three innocent people.


Olivia was woken by the sound of her alarm clock beeping, telling her it was 7am. She groaned and shoved the covers on to the floor before dragging herself out of bed and flopping on the chair in front of her mirror. Taking in the sight on her tired green eyes and tugging at the frizzy mess draped on top of her head she wondered why she couldn’t be blessed with naturally straight and silky hair then, using anti-frizz spray and hair straighteners, turned it into something she liked a lot better. She put on her make-up and then got dressed.

When she looked more like her usual neat and pretty self, she went down into the kitchen where her mother was sat eating breakfast. She kissed her on the cheek before leaving the house to go to college. Olivia was 19 and went to Arizona State University in America where she studied Semiotics and Communication (The study of Symbols.) Her Professor, Kevin Lengestein was young and very handsome and also Olivia's ex-boyfriend from when he was in college too. Kevin had only just graduated. He had a thing for Olivia, like most of the other guys did, especially one guy called James. He was a real arrogant badass and had had all the girls apart from Olivia. She wasn't like the rest, she didn't like guys like James, who was a very violent person, especially when he didn’t get his way.


When Olivia got to class she was the first one there. Kevin was sat at his desk waiting for people to arrive.

"Hi Liv,” he smiled as she leant against his desk.

"Hey Kev"

"I heard everyone talking about a massive party in the weekend. Was it that good?"

She shook her head. "I didn't go. Not my idea of fun, and anyway James was there"

"You’re right to stay away from him."

She didn’t like the look on Kevin’s face as he said that.

"It's not like that," she protested as he raised his eyebrows. “I’m just a little wary. I’m probably the only girl to able to resist his charms.” she could tell he knew exactly what she meant when she said that.

He sighed. "Yeah, I know. Just look out, he’d do anything to get you in bed"

Some people were starting to arrive and she was feeling uncomfortable having this conversation with her ex and professor so started to move away.

“Wait,” he said and she turned back.

"Um do you ever think about you know, giving me another chance?"

She was starting to get annoyed. He knew full well it wasn’t right.

"Kevin, I can’t you're my professor now, it's against the law. When I graduate. Maybe."

"Yeah you're right...when you graduate"


After class James was waiting for Olivia outside

"Hello girlie" James said wrapping his arms around her neck.

"James let go of me!" she squeaked attempting to pull out of his constraining hold.

He laughed quietly. "Now why would I do that? I want you baby."

"I don't want you!" she cried out but it had no result other that James pushing himself on Olivia so that she was trapped against the wall. She screamed and Kevin came running out of the room, expression horrified, and pulled James off her. James ran at Kevin and punched him in the jaw but Kevin barely flinched as James made a noise of pain and held his obviously broken hand to his chest. Olivia looked at Kevin and he winked at her. He straightened his jacket and shepherded Olivia into his room.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. James can’t do more than scare me," Olivia put on a brave face but was actually feeling a little shook up. Kevin sat there panting so she moved over to him and hugged him and he buried his head into her neck.

"Thank you Kev, for everything" she said

"Hey um listen, there's this seminar later tonight at The Coffee Stop, me and a bunch of other kids from SSC are going. Do you want to come?" his head was inches away from Olivia she looked nervous up into his face.

"Ok." she nodded her head and smiled. “Yeah that sounds good.”

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