Just another care kid ~ Completed

Zara is 15. she lives in doncaster care home. when new boy Louis arrives she instantly gets a new friend. when they're 17 they move in together. Zara meets neighbour Micky and Louis gets jealous. he auditions for the x factor and ends up leaving Zara on her own with only Micky to comfort her. Louis goes on tour with his new band leaving Zara broken. Her relationship with Micky
deteriorates and she is heartbroken. She realises how much she needs Louis. but what if he doesn't need her. After all she is just another carekid


3. open day and mum?

“ZARA, LOUIS I NEED YOU TO HELP AT THE OPEN DAY,” Jenny shouted (it had been two years since Louis had arrived, we were now best friends)

“OK,” I replied. we headed over to the entrance to introduce the 'potential foster parents' to Jenny. I grabbed a plate from the kitchen. I handed it to Louis “hand these round, i've put salt in them instead of sugar,” I told him. He smiled and I grabbed another tray with tea on it. I handed them round as well. Did I forget to mention I put ketchup in the tea. I think these people aren't going to forget this open day easily. I smiled to myself and waited for the result. I heard a scream from the bathroom and the dining room. I guess they found my booby traps. Louis ran back out to me.

“we are going to get into so much trouble for this,” he said while laughing.

“well, It was worth it,” I said and we high fived.

“hi are you Zara?” I turned around to see a woman who looked like she was in her late thirties.

“yeah, who's asking,” I replied

“I'm your mum,” she said. My mouth fell open

“no, you can't be,” I said. She grabbed me by the shoulders

“I'M YOUR MOTHER!!” she shouted in my face.

“GET OFF!” I said and pushed her off me “you can't be my mum, I don't have one,” I said. I was almost in tears.

“I'm telling the truth, come home,” she said.

“NO, I DON'T KNOW YOU, THIS IS MY HOME!!” I shouted and ran out of the front door. I ran as far as I could and stopped when I arrived at the park. I sank down on the floor in front of a tree. I just sat there and cried for what felt like hours.

“are you ok?” I looked up to see a boy with curly hair. I shook my head and started to cry again.

“hey, don't cry, what's wrong,” he said. I told him everything. He sat down next to me and put his arm around me “you don't have to see her if you don't want to,” he said.

“ZARA, WHERE ARE YOU?” I looked up to see Louis.

“Louis,” I said. He looked over at me and ran forward. I got up and he pulled me into a hug. “come on lets go home,” he said and he put his arm around me and lead me towards his car (he had learnt to drive last month.)

“I'M HARRY BY THE WAY HARRY STYLES,” the boy shouted. I nodded and I got into Louis's car

“your mum's gone, I told her you never want to see her again,” he said

“good,” I replied and leant back in my seat. I was thinking about Harry

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