Just another care kid ~ Completed

Zara is 15. she lives in doncaster care home. when new boy Louis arrives she instantly gets a new friend. when they're 17 they move in together. Zara meets neighbour Micky and Louis gets jealous. he auditions for the x factor and ends up leaving Zara on her own with only Micky to comfort her. Louis goes on tour with his new band leaving Zara broken. Her relationship with Micky
deteriorates and she is heartbroken. She realises how much she needs Louis. but what if he doesn't need her. After all she is just another carekid


6. Micky

Zara's P.O.V: so that was it. Me and Louis were moving in together. We had a two bedroom flat. We had just moved in and we were watching TV in the living room. Me and Louis were curled up on the sofa when there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it. I opened the door and saw a boy with brown hair. “can I help you?” I asked him.

“oh yeah, I live just down the hall and I just wanted to say hi,” he replied

“aww thanks, I'm Zara,” I said

“I'm Micky,” he said and shook my hand. I smiled at him. I have to say it but he was really cute. “look, do you wanna come inside,” I said

“oh, I don't want to bother you,” he said and looked at the floor

“honestly it's fine,” I said and let him in.

“LOUIS COME MEET OUR NEIGHBOUR,” I shouted. I heard his bare feet padding on the floor. He came in and said “hi, 'sup” I nudged him.

“I'm Micky,” Micky said and held out his hand. Louis shook it and said “Louis,” they both nodded at each other. “do you want a coke?” I asked him

“yes please,” he said.

“i want one,” Louis said. I rolled my eyes and got three cokes. I liked our new neighbour. I like him a lot.


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