Just another care kid ~ Completed

Zara is 15. she lives in doncaster care home. when new boy Louis arrives she instantly gets a new friend. when they're 17 they move in together. Zara meets neighbour Micky and Louis gets jealous. he auditions for the x factor and ends up leaving Zara on her own with only Micky to comfort her. Louis goes on tour with his new band leaving Zara broken. Her relationship with Micky
deteriorates and she is heartbroken. She realises how much she needs Louis. but what if he doesn't need her. After all she is just another carekid


10. keeping a secret

Zara's POV

* At Home *

After the audition we went home I was tired so I went straight to bed. Even though I was tired I couldn't sleep all I can think about was that kiss that me and Louis shared. After like 2 hours of thinking I soon fell asleep.

* Morning *

I woke up to the sound of my alarm screaming in my room. So I did my morning routine and went down stairs to eat breakfast only to see a shirtless Louis. " Hey" he said " Hi " I said back " so about that kiss-" I cut him off " Louis I don't feel like talking about this right now " " ok " he said with sadness in his voice and the rest of breakfast was silent. After I finished I put my plate in the sink and went upstairs to text Lottie ( L=Lottie Z=Zara )

Z= hey

L= hey

Z= there is something that I have to tell you but you have to keep it a secret

L= okay I will now shoot

Z= at the audition yesterday me and Louis kissed


Z= don't be mad

L= I'm not its just that you have a boyfriend

Z= I know but I am going to tell him but I have to find the right time please don't say anything to him about this

L= I wont I promised

and with that I stopped texting her I really hope she doesn't say anything " ughhh what am I going to do" I whispered while flopping down on my bed.

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