Just another care kid ~ Completed

Zara is 15. she lives in doncaster care home. when new boy Louis arrives she instantly gets a new friend. when they're 17 they move in together. Zara meets neighbour Micky and Louis gets jealous. he auditions for the x factor and ends up leaving Zara on her own with only Micky to comfort her. Louis goes on tour with his new band leaving Zara broken. Her relationship with Micky
deteriorates and she is heartbroken. She realises how much she needs Louis. but what if he doesn't need her. After all she is just another carekid


15. God I Loved Him

Me and Louis were together now. i do get hate from fans but i don't care. As long as I am with Louis i'm fine. Anyway it was the movie premiere of the boy's movie This Is Us. I was with Perrie and we were getting ready for the red carpet. Perrie was in a gorgeous black dress. it had sequins and was slim fitting and showed some skin. she slipped on her black heels and did her hair. She looked Beautiful. she started doing her makeup and i slipped into my dress. a long black dress which went to my ankles. it had a heart hole in the back. i curled my hair Brown hair which was now dip dyed red. i slipped on my red heels and Perrie helped me with my make up. There was a knock on the door. It was Lottie. she was in a short, long sleeved blue dress with black heels. it was tight but she was gorgeous. "The boys are getting impatient," she said and we all laughed. Perrie slid her engagement ring on her finger. Zayn had proposed to her last week but the Fans didn't know yet. We all headed out to where the boys. Lottie walked to Martin and Perrie went to zayn and he kissed her softly. i went and linked hands with Louis. he smiled. "you look gorgeous baby," he said and i blushed.

"Thank you, you look sexy," i said and we both laughed and he kissed me softly and we headed to the Limo. God I Loved Him.

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