Alone in the Dark



4. The Blank-Faced Rider vs Nitori.

Krystana leaned against the wall, watching the other girl with an emotion not far from fear. They both ignored the newcomer, both too engrossed in their fight.

"Oh, come on now... Are you going to tell me what magic you use, or will I be forced to make your life... difficult?" The girl snarled at her, holding her hand out toward her.

“I've already told you. I don't have magic. But if you want, I could call on the Rider again...?” Krystana was getting desperate. Hopefully her other half would understand the need not to be violent to everyone it came across. She'd hated having multiple personalities from the beginning. She kept switching whenever she was angry with someone, sought for revenge or something like that. That was when she got the figure. A small silver figure, of a stick-man on his horse. Immensely powerful magic was used to seal the Blank-Faced Rider, as it had been nicknamed, inside it. Krystana could now call on it, her, whatever, whenever she wanted. It had sort of become more at ease with her.

The girl smiled at her, flexing her fingers. “Why don't you do that... Maybe we could have a rematch?”

Krystana gave a short, mirthless laugh. “Rematch? You say that as if you think you're gonna win. It knows how to fight, you know. Just curious, what's your name? I make a point of apologizing to whomever thinks themselves better than it.”

“Nitori.” Was all the girl said. Krystana inclined her head.

“Then I am very, very sorry, Nitori.” She gave a shy grin, before holding out the figure. Natsu had kinda... given it back to her when she jumped on him, and started pulling at his hair. He did not know the power it held. She balanced it one one finger once more, making sure to place the pointed feet where the small pinpricks of the past were. They dug in as she started it swinging. A small smile spread widely across her pale face. She dipped her head, as tarnish spread across the silver surface.

The Blank-Faced Rider looked up at the girl with its big black eyes. "So you've gotten her to let me free? How stupid are you wizards...?" She smiled her fixed smile.

Nitori stared at the Blank-Faced rider. A sly grin showed beneath the curtain of hair. "Let's play!" Nitori breathed.

The Rider smiled back, before leaping towards her. Again, the sharp of the scythe-blade coming in hard and fast, racking against her ribs. The thing was a blur, darting around, throwing in a thwack here and there. Nitori gave gasps of pain, this... thing was just too fast for her to attack. It was making her loose her concentration. She looked around. None of the wizards would help her, Nitori was not stupid. A glint of silver caught her eye, and she squinted to see what it was. Triumph! The girl- Krystana's small, silver figure lay on the ground, amidst the ruins of the wall. She started dragging herself towards it, the Rider merely thought she was trying to escape, not actually bothering to keep an eye out on where she was headed. A grin replaced the pain on her face, reaching out a hand, ready to grab hold of the small horse.

The Rider realized a moment too late. Nitori's grip closed around the small figure. She held it in the air, the attacks stopped. Now it just stood there, watching. “I see.” Was all it said. She smiled back at it, clutching the figure close.

“So whatcha gonna do now? I have your... thing, so what are you going to do about it?”

"Give it back."

"Nope, why? Think your gonna cry if I throw it out? Like momma throwing out your favourite toy?" Nitori teased holding it up above a trash can.

"You, are making the biggest mistake you would ever think of." The Rider's voice was calm. Deadly calm.

"Yeah, you know, maybe I wont throw it out, it is cute. Maybe I will do something else with it, but you are not getting it back." Nitori set the horse and man figure down on the ground right in-front of her. She aimed her hand at it and slowly it started to float, she was controlling where it went.

The Rider stood still, emotionless, scythe blade hanging over its head, it almost looked like the Grim Reaper, but Nitori ignored and flung it into a corner and it hit off a wall and the little horse man's head snapped off. She giggled lightly. She turned around where the Rider was and saw the rider's face fall into shadow.

"You... You shouldn't have done that. Fix it, now, or you shall pay the price." Its voice had raised, ever so slightly, touching the brink of yelling.

"Or what?" Nitori shouted back just as loud.

"Or you will just have to die!" growled the Rider getting its scythe ready to attack.

Nitori slowly looked up, she saw the Rider, scythe in hand. Flames were burning in her eyes. Nitori aimed her arm at the scythe and the scythe flew out of the Rider's hands into Nitori's. Nitori power walked towards the rider getting the scythe ready. When she was close enough she swung the scythe at the Rider's ribs and hit hardly right on the spot she was aiming for. She threw the scythe behind her and aimed her arm at the Rider. Nitori flung the Rider this way and that, into walls, into furniture and into people. Suddenly Natsu came and jumped on top of her telling her to stop. It made he loose her concentration.

"What were you doing?" Natsu yelled at Nitori.

"Trying to fight. It was gonna kill me with that scythe!" Nitori screamed at Natsu.

"It still is gonna kill you with that scythe." The voice snarled, unfazed by the girl's sudden rush of power. It's scythe was in hand, its eyes seemed alight with anger. The dark holes blazed. "You don't know how to handle my blade. You didn't even use the blade. Tough luck, wizard. Things have just started to get interesting."

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