Alone in the Dark



2. RUN!

Giggling, the girl raised the non-wizard into the air. She threw him into the boxes. “The thing about all of you people, when you don't learn magic, is that the wizards, like me, can just... throw you around.” She smiled, silvery-gray hair fluttering as the man zipped past her, plunging into the river beside them. Magnolia. She snorted. All of those people, who think they are more powerful than her, Nitori. She could end their lives easily. With the flick of her hand. The next breath she took was sharp and ragged. She cursed, the man falling from where he hung, suspended, as she fell to her knees. She really should learn to control her magic a bit more. She needed to be stronger. She fell, her head hitting the cobbles gently, and her mind slipped off, away with the fairies, one might say.


Nitori blinked, staring up into the face of a pretty woman. She looked older than her. She scowled. Tough. She glanced around, checking her surroundings. Thoughts rushed through her head, replacing her want to challenge this person. Where was she? She sat up, and the woman seemed to read her mind.

“Hey, take it easy. You're OK now, you're in Fairy Tail.” She spoke softy, but there was no mistaking the sound of battle in her voice.

“S-so you're a wizard?” Nitori's scowl was replaced with a smile woman nodded.

“I am Erza-”

“The great Titania!” Someone called out, pride echoed in their voice.

“In which case... I challenge you, Erza of Fairy Tail. Titania, Queen of the fairies!” Nitori stood, recovered from her little fall.

Erza chuckled. “I warn you, you are in no fit state to fight.”

She grinned. “So you think you know about my powers, eh?” She lowered her head, watching them with hooded eyes. “I warn you, my magic is more powerful than most.”

Erza gave Nitori a coy smile. “Why, you're awfully confident of yourself... Let us put that to the test.”

She bowed her head. “As you wish.” Nitori raised her hand and, before Erza could even start to use her magic, a dark circle appeared, filled with swirling lines. Hah, they wouldn't have seen this magic before...

Titania, Queen of the fairies sank to her knees, hands to her throat. Nitori moved closer, smile growing in size. “You see, I have the power to possess, to kill.” She gasped as she said it, releasing hold of the red-head. Already, their strongest was on her knees, unconscious. She looked up, grinning. "Anyone else want to have a go?"

A figure emerged from a doorway, holding a long... pole? "If you don't mind, I will..." The voice muttered. Nitori looked over to see a figure. The strange thing was... No, it couldn't be true... They had a mask? For a Face? She backed away, shaking her head, scolding herself for such childish thoughts. She must just be hallucinating. She stepped forward, bowing her head.

"As you wish." The figure's mask smiled at her, staring at her, dark eyes holding mystery and secrets.

Natsu ran forward, fuming. "You don't even belong to this guild! You're a... a... a prisoner! You cannot take part in its duels!" He yelled at the figure, fire already burning in his hand. A small, old man shook his head, before speaking out.

"Let... it fight, Natsu. That girl defeated Erza. You wouldn't stand a chance against her. You say this one-" He gestured to the masked figure "-Defeated Taurus with a mere flick of its scythe? Let it fight." The figure bowed its masked face toward the man, before turning on Nitori.

"Come and have a go!" She snarled, hair flying around her.

The thing looked back up. "With pleasure." It shot toward Nitori, scythe handle cracking against her ribs, legs and chest. It was fast, she'd give it that. She closed her eyes, raising a hand, only to have it batted down with the handle. "And you defeated Fairy Tail's most powerful member? They should be ashamed of themselves." It spoke as if it had endless breath. Maybe it did. "Interrupt the concentration, and the fight is yours." Nitori thrashed out, in a wild attempt the get the thing off her.

"Leave me alone! It's not fair, you're not letting me use my magic!" She squealed, trying to back away. The hits kept coming in, strong and fast.

"How is that not fair? I'm not using magic, either." Nitori blinked in surprise, right before the pink-haired boy, Natsu, ran out, holding up a small figure.

"Oh cool... What's this?" He cried out to the whole guild, holding the figure up for all to see. A tarnished silver horseman, riding on a stick-horse. The masked figure stopped in its tracks, free hand splayed out toward it. It looked downwards, long brown hair obscuring it from view. Slowly, the tarnished silver was replaced with gleaming metal. When the masked figure looked up, it was no longer masked.

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