Alone in the Dark



3. Fairy Tail

Sheesh. Fairy Tail. How hard was it to find a wizard's guild? Do they put protective spells on it? Invisible spells on it? Azu-nyan gave a long, drawn-out sigh. Her golden-yellow wings fluttered in the space behind her, keeping her aloft and in the air. She dipped down, wings spreading out into a glide. The feathers ruffled beside her face, filling her ears with a sound similar to cloth in high wind.

She was in Magnolia now. Not far. Not far at all, she hoped. Azu-nyan had heard that the guild was by the sea, looking out on the returning ships, passengers and cargo. Why, she didn't know. All she knew was that it would cause them trouble some day. Non-wizards looked up at her, some gazing in awe, others sniffing at the sight of a wizard. She'd heard that they got quite a lot of trouble from the guild.

Dust rose into the air, accompanied by the loud sound of wood snapping. A girl was thrown out of the back of a building, through the wall. Another woman stood, grey-black hair ripping softly at her shoulders. Azu-nyan just stared ,unsure what she should do. Inside the building, the assembled crowd gathered to watch as the victim- a brown-haired person in fairly light clothing -staggered to her feet, hand to her head. In her other hand, she held a small silver-rod horseman. The woman amidst the wreckage gave a long, cruel laugh.

"And what was that? Where has the spark I saw before gone? Where is the scythe? Where is the blade digging into my neck?" Her voice was harsh, Azu-nyan did't like the sound of people with harsh voices and evil laughs. The were, generally, evil.

The brown-haired girl leaned against the wall, grimacing as the pain sent lightning bolts down her spine. "I've told you before, but I'll tell you once more. That, was the Blank-Faced Rider. I can only control when she comes and goes to some degree. It's not my fault she came!" Her voice became desperate, tears falling once more from her red-rimmed eyes. "Why can't you just understand that?!"

The other one giggled. "I think you're lying, now what have you done with that mask and scythe? What magic do you use?"

"I don't use magic. The scythe and mask just come and go- as does the horse." 

"You're pathetic, how could you not use magic to do something of that nature? It's just requip magic."

Another figure came into view, propping themselves up with what looked like... a sword? "No, that was not requip magic. Trust me, I know my own magic when i see it."

"Erza's right. This... thing doesn't smell of magic." This time, a male voice spoke out, and a pink-haired boy came to stand beside the two figures already beside the ruins of the wall. 

"E-excuse me..." Azu-nyan spoke up, hoping to ask them a question. The boy turned to her, his grave expression being replaced with the widest grin he could muster.

"New people!" He cried jumping over the rubble and tearing her from the air. All she could do was yelp as she landed heavily on her wings. The boy stood, almost as quickly as he fell, and  stared at her with suspicion. "Who're you?"

"I-I'm Azu-nyan..." She stared around. The silver-haired girl glared at her. "Are you Fairy Tail?" she cried, her eyes sparkling with the thought. If they were Fairy Tail... then was this Natsu?

The boy grinned at her again, and a blue cat appeared on his shoulder. "Aye, sir!"

Her eyes widened, taking in the full glory of the bar within, before turning back to him. "Then you're... Natsu? The dragon-slayer?"

"That's me!"

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