The Boy Games

Elie is a regular high school student she is about to graduate and the day after graduation she's moving to London. Will she meet a boy? Will she fall for the wrong boy you will have to read to figure out. ( This is my first movella please no h8)


5. the next day

 i woke up in the same spot i was in yesterday but the boys wern't there except Louis he was watching TV "Morning love" he said "morning " i said. Louis was watching MTV then the boys came in and Liam asked "do you guys want to watch 'Toy Story'?" "OMG YEA I FREAKING LOVE 'TOY STORY'!" the boys were laughing i stuck my tongue out at them. As Liam was putting the movie in he said " You and me will get along well the and do you want to watch all 3?" i nodded my head. i was sitting on the couch between Louis and Harry. I was crying though the whole movie and i sobbing my eyes out at the end of the 3 one when the movie went off the boys started laughing at me so i playfully slapped all of there arms then Louis started screamng "YOU HURT ME"  then pretended he was dead after a minute off him laying there "dead" i kissed him on the lips and he opened his eyes and yelled " I'M ALIVE" i laughed. he al the sudden started ticking me. I was laughing so hard i could barley breath then he yelled "BOYS ARE YOU GONNA HELP?" and they all stareted tickling me after about five minutes of laughing and squirming Louis yelled "STOP" and picked me up and took me outside and i was squirming and kicking and i tried to look where he was taking me but i herd the boys laughing so they knew the all the sudden he stopped and asked "can you swim?" i said "yes why?" the i felt my body being thrown through the air and the water filled my surrounding me i was underwater i got up so my head was above water and i saw harry on the floor laughing the i yelled "LOUIS TOMLINSON YOUR SO MEAN!" he just laughed. I called harry over the where Louis was at the edge of the pool i put my hands out and asking " will you two help me out of the pool?" the did but instead of getting out i pulled them in. i was laughing. i got out and looked down and i realised i was wearing white shorts and Liam and Zayn notice and started laughing to i took both of there hands and walked over to the pool and pushed them in the i jumped in and we played int the pool for about 30 minutes  then we all got out and Louis gave me a piggy back ride to his flat and we went to his bed room and he gave me a pair of his sweats and a white t-shirt and i went into the bathroom and changed then i noticed my bra was wet and it was bright pink so you could see it through the shirt but i just shrugged it off and i went to the living room everyone was in there and they were and staring at my chest i then said " boys my face is up here " the all laughed and i sat next to Louis and i was snuggled up to him and we all talked and laughed and i looked a my phone and it was 6:00 i said "'im hungry " Niall agreed and went and got us Nandos. He came back and we ate after that i had to leave so i got al the boys numbers gave them hugs and Louis a kiss and left. that was the best day ever. i got home and i got 5 text messages all from the boys louis: i already miss you babe :( Niall: Hi Louis will not stop talking about you he realy likes you Liam: we will be at louis flat for the next week maybe you could come back over and watch toy story agin? zayn: oh i forgot to tell you some thing nice bra ;) harry: will you text Louis he will not stop talking about he said he already miss you and god you looked sexy in that bra and i saw through ur white shorts that's why the boys and i were laughing when you and Louis went in ;) i texted them all back an put my phone on the charger it was 9:00 i decided to go to sleep

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