The Boy Games

Elie is a regular high school student she is about to graduate and the day after graduation she's moving to London. Will she meet a boy? Will she fall for the wrong boy you will have to read to figure out. ( This is my first movella please no h8)


2. party ;)

             Were back at her flat and we decided to celebrate me coming we would go clubbing. I put on my lo-cut tight belly shirt that says wild child on it and I put on my high waisted short shorts. You can see my but in these shots but i love them then i put on my black 2in heels. I went down stairs and Hunter was wearing a tight black dress with black 2in heels. "You look hot!" i said "thanks! right back at ya!" We both looked in the mirror to see if we look ok and then left. We arrived at the club and we went our separate ways i went to the bar to kick off the night. When i was there i met a boy his name was Louis Tomlinson we took 2 regular shots together the he took a body shot off me. We went to the dance floor. I was grinding on him and we were dancing together. I was turned around facing him he was grasping my naked butt it felt so good and before i knew it we were making out. we pulled apart and he whispered in my ear " Lets take this somewhere else" we found a private room. It was like a bed room. Iaid down on the bed and he came on top of me. We were making out then i took of his shirt and shorts. He took off my shirt and shorts so we were left in our underwear and i also had my bra on. He unsnapped my bra and took off my underwear i took off his underwear he already had a condom on. He came prepared. He went in slowly then got faster i was moaning his name. i said "I'm about to..." "me too" he said not letting me finish my sentence. He got out of me and started kissing my neck which made me moan then went down and started sucking my nipple i rolled on top of him and said "my turn to have control" I kissed down his neck and chest and licked my way back up i was kissing him and teasing him bye messing with his thing he said "Elie quit teasing me" i kissed down to his thing then kissed it then i sucked it then licked it then licked my way back up his body right back to his lips. and with that we were finished we stayed there cuddling. We got dressed and traded numbers and i left because Hunter was looking for me. I found Hunter and we left. On our way home i told her about my night she said " First night in london getting laid...score!" i laughed we were back at her flat and i got a text Louis <3: Wanna go on a real date to Nandos tomorrow at 5? to louis <3: sure pick me up? from Louis<3 yea what's your flat name/number i texted him my flat name and number i told Hunter about the date and that i was going to sleep and with that i changed in to sweats and i tank and i was off to sleep

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