The Boy Games

Elie is a regular high school student she is about to graduate and the day after graduation she's moving to London. Will she meet a boy? Will she fall for the wrong boy you will have to read to figure out. ( This is my first movella please no h8)


4. meeting the boys

 I woke up at 9:00 and i walked down stairs and make a bowl of cereal. it was 9:30 when i was done i went up stairs and took a shower and blow dried it and put it in top knot i put on my regular make up witch is eyeliner and mascara i put on my wild child belly shirt and a pair of white shorts it was 10:10 it took 15 minutes to get there i grabbed my phone text Louis on my way and left 

i got there an knocked on the door a blond boy answered and he was thinking out loud and said "omfg" he let me in and i saw the rest of the boys on with black hair one with curly brow hair and one with a small quiff and brow the the blond and then Louis i walked to him and gave him a a kiss the he introduced me to hid friends black hairs name is Zayn the curly brown is Harry and the brown small quiff is Liam and the blond is Niall I went around and gave them all hugs and introduced myself. Then harry said " well Louis, you have a very hot girl" that made me blush Louis said " yes and you cant have her" with a smirk then harry smirked. "so what should we do?" asked Zayn "lets play truth or dare then watch a movie?" well all agreed p we started truth or dare Harry went first Louis said " harry,truth or dare " Harry "dare " Louis " i dare you to put peanut butter on your big toe and then eat it off" so harry did and it was destructing. We played that for about 30 more minutes then watched pitch perfect. We decided to get some dinner so Niall went out and bought chines food and he came back we ate the watched TV the rest of the night we also talked for awhile i learned a lot about the boys. I got up and went to the kitchen and got a glass of water and  i was on my way out when u ran into Harry. "Oh sorry Harry  was on my way out." i said he said "no love it was y fault" i was about to leave when he stopped me and said " have i told you haw beautiful you are. Louis is a lucky boy" i blushed and said "Thanks." then i went into the living room with the boys and sat on Louie lap and dozed off to sleep

( sorry for the short chapter im really tired and i just wrote a long 3rd chapter i hope you enjoy :))

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