The Boy Games

Elie is a regular high school student she is about to graduate and the day after graduation she's moving to London. Will she meet a boy? Will she fall for the wrong boy you will have to read to figure out. ( This is my first movella please no h8)


1. graduation

            Today is my graduation i'm nervous but happy to get out of this dump i'm so excited to go to london i get to see my bff

  Hunter. They just called my name to get my diploma.....I am now graduated 

              After graduation we went to a fancy restaurant. Then went home and i got my graduation gift. Its and ipad mini and a macbook pro. i went to sleep after i got my presents                             the next morning

              i got up around 8am because my flight leaves at 5pm and i need to pack so the only thing i did all day was pack :) 

   it is 4:30pm and my mom and i are leaving the house. I go to the airport at 4:50pm perfect timing. I got on the plane and but my carry on away and got in my seat and before the plane even left i was sound asleep.  Later

              The plane just ended and Hunter and I are waiting for my luggage. We got my luggage and we are in her car on the way back to her flat.


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